Demonstrate construction of numbers using a Place Value mat and Base Ten blocks. Put a piece of velcro on the back side of the face. Change the faces to explore different feelings. Original questions and guidelines for philosophical discussion by Rudmila Salek. This product includes activities/worksheets to use with students grades 1-3. Piggie and Elephant Sharing Shapes Activity: This book captures what it means to be a good friend and sharing with others. "Those numbers have value. She goes on a roller coaster ride to find her value. Photocopy the balloon handout with various colours of paper. "Two is best friends with One. Explore feelings with this easy craft that is a great companion activity for … Her value is apparent only when she is combined with other numbers. We offer many activity ideas for supporting books of this type here. This lesson could also be used without the book for, Lesson plan with activities for Zero, One, and Two by Kathryn Otoshi. Zero feels empty inside. She desperately wants to count like the other numbers. Thank you, Healthy Happy Thrifty Family for inviting us! Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Lesson plan includes modifications/alternate options to choose the best activity for students' age/abilities. Zero feels empty inside and has a hole right through the center. -Self-portraits It is a fictional book about the number Zero. Just like many kids, Zero feels like she lacks value. Is there anything that has value in and of itself? Check out my library centers BUNDLE to see how I incorporate all these activities into my three library centers: read alikes center, buil. -Goal setting Grades: 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd. “Blue was a quiet co We know that having zero amount of something means that we have nothing. Zero worries about her worth. Why not enlist the help of a therapy dog and one of the best first day of school books? She goes on a roller coaster ride to find her value. The issues raised by this book are intriguing. Lessons cover a variety of character educat . Students will compare their results after adding the zero by ordering their new numbers from smallest to largest. Katheryn's story is both meaningful & powerful, sure to reach readers, Zero by Kathryn Otoshi: finding value in yourself, What Makes You Whole? Take a photo of each child in your class posing as if they are holding a bunch of balloons. The Think Mark correlates to the award-winning book, "Zero" by Katheryn Otoshi. -Friend Finder Scavenger Hunt, Power Read-Alouds are a way to spiral important literacy skills in a short amount of time each day - while still capturing students' love of picture books and being read to. When we saw that Kathryn Otoshi was on the Picture Book Month calendar we were even more excited as she is one of our favorite authors! Zero attempts […] Get all the latest exciting news from Mosswood Connections! What are some ways we can bring value to the people here? How do we decide how much value something has? Subjects: School Counseling, Character Education. Does that mean she has no value on her own? Zero by Kathryn Otoshi is a follow-up to One, which talks about self-esteem. Includes 3 simple lessons based on 3 titles by Kathryn Otoshi: One, Zero, TwoPicture book title to use is included in the footer of the activity. . Once they are done, I have the class walk around the room and exchan, In this lesson students reflect on their own uniqueness and strengths using arts integration choices of a pre created worksheet ( part of lesson) or pipe cleaner art. It helps young readers think about the author's message & the lesson the author hopes to impart. Print the photos and distribute them to students. So how can something that is nothing have value? "Those numbers have value. We are happy to share our Two by Kathryn Otoshi – Picture Book Activities. Finally, for a searchable collection of thematic leveled reading passages, click here. Find tips for leading a philosophical discussion on our Resources page. Zero is big and round with no corners at all. Talk about how they have more than one meaning in this story. This book is read out loud online at, There are MANY online activity sheets also at,, Everyday the other numbers would line up and count themselves, but Zero would never be included. How can you help someone SOAR? Lessons cover a variety of character educat !" You can also create your own word search, criss cross or memory match puzzle using our puzzle maker tool.

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