Engineering is my passion.Know your passion? [7] Chinese universities were "even prescribing the film in their coursework as a kind of stress-relief in their classrooms. As of June 2020[update], the film holds a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 13 reviews with an average score of 7.44 out of 10. (Rancho arguing with Raju while implying about Raju's dad's job), "Hey, happy Independence Day!" She's getting married without any dowry. Khan told reporters, ""Raju Hirani has given me a hint about '3 Idiots' sequel and I am giving you all a hint. Farhan will never take any dowry. In June 2018, Hirani was asked a question while promoting his upcoming film Sanju and he was quoted as saying, "I definitely want to make a sequel to 3 Idiots, but it’s still in the initial stage and we will take a fair amount of time to develop the script". Principal photography began on 28 July 2008. Both of them were called home, and Rancho, mentioned as the main cause for this wrongness, follows along. Calcalist (ISR): South China Morning Post wrote that the film "wraps a heavy message in light comedy. (Rancho displaying his dislike to the ranking system), "You think God is a contract killer?" You see, sir?" He is also incredibly smart as he was able to do a 10th grade problem back when he was still in the 6th grade. "[8] In Japan, Yuri Wakabayashi of Eiga also gave the film a positive review. BNO News: Lidovky (CZE): He has two daughters. In Korea, students of all ages – from young elementary children to university graduate students – are trained to study under overwhelming pressure and extremely high academic standards. At that time, I used python. Rancho admits he is still in love with Pia and they decide to marry. (Rancho commenting to his friends' wish to eradicate Dr Sahastrabuddhe from the face of the earth), "Know why I come first? Maybe cinema can't save lives. However, his smart and 'out of the box' thinking was also often used to help others around him too, such as when he suggested to take Raju's father to the hospital using Pia's scooter due to the ambulance arriving late. (Rancho after jumbling up the test papers so that the he and his two friends could submit their test paper), "Yes, this grading system is like a caste system. Ministry of Health (RKS): Since the three friends couldn't seem to get any food from any of their parents' houses, the three of them wandered the streets aimlessly. Three Students Hindi Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. His explanation, however, was rejected by the teacher, who proceeded to ask Chatur the same question and was given a 'wonderful' and 'fully from the book' response.

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