There are major changes underway to State Pension Age. The rules keep changes. Unfortunately, no such political will eventuated in 1997 or in subsequent years. Robert Haley served in the second world war but has lost thousands because he moved to Australia, Last modified on Sun 15 Mar 2020 12.58 GMT. So basically you will have 1 & 1/2 Pensions Plus $125 per week. Both men and woman’s state pension ages are currently in the process of increasing to 66. Even living in Australia if you have worked in the UK (Can Be of Any Nationality) and paid NI contributions for at least three years you can still pay voluntary contributions (VCs) into the UK’s (heavily subsidised) Aged Pension Scheme to increase on any entitlements you have already achieved before you left the UK. In short, a higher UK pension payment means more UK income, which results in a lower Aussie pension but no more than 50 per cent of this additional UK income! Meanwhile, veterans impacted by this issue will be calling on minister for veterans’ affairs Johnny Mercer MP to support their call for action. That’s why I’m the vice chairman of British Pensions in Australia (BPiA), a not-for-profit association that, in return for a small annual subscription, offers to help all UK expats discover their UK pension entitlements and learn how to improve them. Find out more about the campaign at This is according one of the UK’s top Pension companies “Royal London” Steve Webb, a director at Royal London, the pension firm, said: "The price of topping up your state pension continues to be heavily subsidised. My own part-pension started in June 2003 at £45 a week (approximately $125 – the exchange rate at the time was about $2.78 to £1) and 17 years later, is still £45 a week (approximately $87 at the current exchange rate of about $1.93). We believe the UK’s immoral regulation could be legally challenged again, but to do so would possibly cost thousands of dollars so, unless the Australian government and possibly Canada’s, is prepared to invest in funding another legal case against the UK, this is currently out of the reach of British overseas pensions organisations. This means we receive the same amount of pension in pounds sterling as was first paid to us. And between 2026 and 2028 they will both rise again to 67. I’d also encourage British expats to contact BPiA to ask for our assistance in applying for and maximising their UK pension. He was one of thousands of seamen who risked their lives in the Arctic convoys to Russia between 1941 and 1945. The big issue with the UK state pension in Australia Unfortunately for British expats in Australia, although they can still get the pension while living abroad, the amount they receive is … There is a hotline for answers to your questions. Freezing the pensions of British expats is so blatantly miserly that it surely doesn’t become a nation that promotes itself as being fair-minded and ethical. Their basic state pensions don’t increase every year, as in the UK – they are permanently frozen at the date the individual retired or arrived in their country of residence. BPiA uses the funds raised via subscriptions to finance an International political and media campaign in the UK aimed at forcing the UK Government to overturn its unjust position of freezing the pensions of 4 per cent of all UK pensioners – those that retired to countries where pensions aren’t uprated. Haley has effectively been “punished” for moving to Australia, a Commonwealth nation, rather than one of the countries where your state pension increases in line with inflation. That (to me) is a fabulous outcome. The report will outline how much you are likely to be entitled to each month, the time frame of when your pension will commence and how it's to be paid, your options with regard to increasing the value of your any current entitlement, How it may be possible to go from zero to part or even full entitlement and update HMRC with your current personal details. However, they argue it would be too expensive to uprate those affected, and that the priority should be targeting money at the poorest pensioners at home. At the time, Dame Joan Bakewell, the government’s own champion for older people, commented that, whatever the niceties of the law, changing the status quo was a matter of social justice. But unlike the Britons who’ve retired in the US, Israel, the European Economic Area, Turkey, Jamaica and numerous other countries, we Brits in Australia and most Commonwealth countries don’t get our UK state pension annually uprated in line with inflation. I (Jim) moved to Australia in 1991 from the United Kingdom. Not a bad outcome! The 95-year-old second world war veteran and campaigner Anne Puckridge, who lives in Canada, will also return to the UK this year to continue pressing their case. As a result of his service, he has eight British medals and three Russian medals. Source: Getty. Once you are in possession of your report you will be able to make an informed decision on how you wish to move forward with your retirement plans.

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