THERE’S NO WAY SEOJUN WOULDN’T KNOW THAT. I know she’s still not aware of his feelings, but damn, girl, wtf? Honestly, I'm team seojun, so I'm looking forward to season 2! Like what the heck girl. Edit: Sorry guys, I had to reread and update this a bit. Who knows. AND COME ON, THEY CONFESSED. Read True Beauty Now! Late as heck, but my heart can't handle these crazy developments. And if seojun will later cause problems just because suho is part of this project then maybe finally JG will reconsider her relationship with him, hmm yea true tho but alot of people are just blaming seojun. and maybe he will tell jugeyeong off which might make her speechless i mean maybe he might know that selena asked jugeyeong to ask suho? JG’s development is just disappointing at this rate. Wait, where are you guys reading this? I feel like Seojun is more fleshed out on a compatible level while Suho has that first love intensity and purity aigoe my heart.. Hey... Am I the only one who's confused about Jugyeong and Seojun dating, because episode 48 Where Seojugi put Jugyeong on the bed... You know... And I love that attention between them like when they kissed and when they almost kissed. Then she starts thinking she never noticed Seojun was so handsome, and when she goes to see him at his new D.J. spoiler. She lied to SJ about not knowing if there’s another handsome boy in the modeling thing AND she played Suho to get him to join the modeling thing (per Selena’s request, but still, JG toyed with him). There is a flashback that shows how Suho had started falling for Jugyeong ever since she recommended the books to him, and he regretted being so rude to her. That’s possible - I have no idea tho. And what about that cute boy who knows her secret? Discussion True Beauty Spoiler Eps 114. Thanks! Interesting perspective - why do you say that? I don’t know what business Seojun has kissing her, but ughhh. Maybe acting should be her career goal instead of makeup. Online. I’m so off-put by JG that I really don’t know what to think. I don't care to read non-Suho chapters tbh. If you want to post spoilers, please write [SPOILER] at the beginning of your post. Close. Suho then has to fly off to Japan because his father was involved in an accident. Spoiler webtoon episode the true beauty / The secret of angel karya Yaongyi eps 114 sub indo. Seojun backs off to give Suho and Jugyeong space, and the two of them confess to each other. They didn’t quite say it, but you’re right, that was implied, I think. Do they have an English version? What do you guys think about this chapter? Well my point is I love that teasing but now when they are dating it's weird. The newest 83 episode ended with Suho flying back. ?WHERE DID HER CONFIDENCE IN HIGHSCHOOL GO?? Has anyone caught up with this and decided to drop it? After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy comic book fan masters the art of makeup and sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl overnight. 21. Since seojun can be a insecure little bitch, she feels the need to not tell him about suho being the cast. the author is beginning to lay the groundwork for suho, I just hope Suho doesn't get dragged into the toxic jealousy of Seojun and the pathetic drunken jugyeong scene again. So yeah.. I’m just extremely disappointed with JG and how she acted to get what she wants this chapter- instead of lying to her BF and playing with Suho, she could have just straight up asked suho rather than playing with him and talking him up. I love Seojun and Suho both and at this point, this storyline and love triangle is getting bland. And think about Suho. Agreed!

i'm at the point where i don't care who she ends up with. I just wish they’d at least make the fall more believable instead of “We kissed and so I like him now” like FFS. U know I HATE HER RIGHT NOW, lol same because if seojuns gna get mad at poor suho then ill really hate jugeyeong, but maybe when suho said so you like handsome guys?
Not even gonna wait for Suho to come back. When she wakes up at home after that, she remembers that a sober Seojun and a drunk her kissed.

I don’t even get excited as much as I used to because when Suho was there the story was more intense and dramatic. its actually both parties are at fault seojun being not able to calm his titis and jugeyeong being afraid therefore shw did not tell him about suho. I feel like I have seen it somewhere. Why does she have to play with the boys so much, why is she unable to be honest? Jugyeong pointed to “having been good friends with Seojun for so many years”, so by now I guess it HAS been years. So does anyone know what's the name of this webtoon? When he backed off numerous times in regards to Suho and Jugyeong in season 1, I was really hoping it would stay that way because I really hate love triangles. You can post your opinions, art work and predictions.

Im Joo Kyung is a high schooler who is upbeat and positive about most things – except for her appearance! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Season 2 starts, and Jugyeong who is now working as a model from time to time, gets drunk, and her friend calls Seojun to pick her up. we never know but all i can see is suho dosent wna be a model bcos of hes dad and if suho actually bcm a model bcos of that doormat mc ill be pissed and sad. I really think they could've made it happen, but for plot, they didn't get together end of season 1 :(. She hates the idea of being seen in public without makeup, but fortunately has become a self-taught makeup expert, with a little help from a plethora of internet video tutorials. true tho lol u said everything in your caption which is all true. 2.1k. True Beauty Spoiler 94.3K Reads 2.5K Votes 90 Part Story. Suho is coming home. When I was reading season 1 I was so happy when Seojun backed off with regards to Suho and Jugyeong...and I was expecting wholesome fluff in season 2, waiting for Suho to return from Japan. I can’t believe your comment made me go back and check it though I WISH I DIDN’T AAAAAA.

I think Seojun will be mad at JG cause she lied to him. I’m so protective over Suho so I hope it’s him being more ballsy to get what he wants because he deserves what makes him happy. That’s fair! After this chapter, I see her very differently because she’s digressed soooooo much - She’s wearing a mask everyday and acting! Do you think Suho and Jugyeong will end up together? This community is for fans of the Webtoon comic True Beauty by the artist-author Yaongyi. But will her elite status be short-lived? Dropping it. *Spoilers* About True Beauty Season 2. Seojun takes her home, and in her drunken state she talks about how they’re good-looking and Seojun remarks that those kinds of looks are everywhere, and he’s taller than them, then asking her to choose between them. I’m too tired of the foreboding drama so I’m no longer following it haha. I ruined True beauty with this because YOU CAN'T JUST DELETE AN EPISODE luv❤️, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I just think that the story with seojun is destined to die soon with his debut (I can't wait honestly, I find them (jugyeong x seojun pair) boring and superficial. ) Thanks for the spoiler, now I dont have to buy fast pass lol. Anything that happens from this point forward is 100% her fault. I ruined True beauty with this because YOU CAN'T JUST DELETE AN EPISODE luv ... Feel free to discuss webtoon series and chapters as well as collaborate with other artists and writers to make your own webtoon. I did not want to see love triangle drama, especially not the way Jugyeong just swung to being interested in Seojun in 2 episodes.

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