So no FFXIV (I've cancelled my subscription since it was about to renew), but I can at least do D&D on Fridays. Apparently 12hr support across 7 days. Help & support ; My account . Anyone else having issues with @Plusnet today? Hats off to customer service at @Plusnet @plusnethelp this morning. Anyone know why it is so awful? No internet for 2 weeks during a lockdown is disgusting. @Plusnet my broadband keeps dropping out "connected with problems" unable to get through to your customer service. @Plusnet I have had no phone service for hours no Internet I need help now. Does anyone know how to close an issue/ticket with @Plusnet that I created through the online troubleshooter? As companies who use EE for coverage, this will also affect BT Mobile, plusnet, Asda Mobile and Virgin Mobile users too. AsAr, @plusnethelp We have Plusnet fibre broadband. @willdegaunza Newcastle upon Tyne. Used a friend phone earlier just to get lied to by you, @ctrlaltrelive Thanks a blummin' lot!!! @ukahg @virginmedia @Speedtest @Virgin @TalkTalk @Plusnet @Ofcom @BTOpenreach1 Had no compensation so far and again I cannot work because my broadband is down! My phone line is still not working, I'm in a no mobile signal area. Just incase you cannot contact them (not support) @Plusnet @plusnethelp. @Plusnet not great customer service just ignoring your customers . You say something and do the opposite. As of 12.45pm, problems were reported on BT, TalkTalk, EE and Plusnet, with thousands taking to outage site DownDetector to highlight issues. So I will be moving to them. Hours of phone calls and no internet service back and no one taking responsibility #talktalk #plusnet #angry. Spent two days so far trying to get my internet with @TalkTalk switched back on after @Plusnet took over my telephone line and cut off my internet. Including Plusnet and talk talk. or is it as bad as there mobile overseas one? @plusnethelp @Plusnet no answer? Really easy to get through to, really helpful and clear and further instructions emailed during the call. A Plusnet spokesperson said: “We’ve now resolved a technical issue that caused some of our customers experience problems making and receiving calls for a short period this morning. @Plusnethelp @Plusnet Help! Emily. Trouble seems to have begun around 11.30am with hundreds of reports across the UK. Connection keeps dropping. I've a business to keep alive POOR BROADBAND is NOT helping! Ages online with bt support. @boomeranggames I have #AssassinsCreedValhalla on the way, hopefully #CallOfDutyBlackOpsColdWar tomorrow. But when I called PlusNet they said there's a Major Outage. Please help, @Cosette31398758 I've been signed up to to for over a months and still no internet or phone line. Better than plusnet giving no uplink. i have it down to @Plusnet @EE @VodafoneUK but only plusnet state 100% uk call centre and id rather support a company giving jobs to uk at this time. @Plusnet internet keeps dropping tonight, any problems around Norwich that you know of? Any chance of a reply please @Plusnet?? @Plusnet how on earth can another provider contact you without my permission to cancel my service, then you make me start a new contract and still I have no internet. @Plusnet Second time in a month my Internet has completely dropped out. @seanfitzy01 Graham J 2020-03-03 08:10:36 UTC. Wonderful when I have a stack of deadlines and need a stable connection for liaising with clients. #Frustrated”. I ordered broadband from you in September but my order is still stuck on it saying there is a problem with my line. © Ookla, LLC. Please help. We told Plusnet to go stick it and then went to mum's phone company and bought a dongle to tide us over until we get a new internet provider. @boomeranggames I have #AssassinsCreedValhalla on the way, hopefully #CallOfDutyBlackOpsColdWar tomorrow. @Plusnet is your website down? @plusnethelp @Plusnet any chance of responding to...anything. Anyone else having this?". Weve been with you for 4 years and never had a problem before. I’m not able to log in to my btsport app. Phone doesn't connect tv doesn't connect and the 2 work WiFi laptops disconnect most days. @factualmama Ah okay, that is a nightmare but I'm pleased it is working now. You havent replied to my earlier message!! Just need new router to arrive to solve the issues, @sandrahobbs1 @HenryDReed BAD. Including Plusnet and talk talk. Not, @Plusnet Hello. You instructed Plusnet to disconnect my service 11 days before you plan to connect me, after pushing my installation date back from Nov 3. Not fit for purpose. No internet for 2 weeks during a lockdown is disgusting. You cut our now tv internet yesterday and had no updates as to when it's going live? , ATTENTION @plusnethelp you made no attempt to contact me in regards to any unpaid bill when my service with @Plusnet ended. Hi, I’ve just clocked over 12 months with you and my monthly payments have tripled as I haven’t renewed my line rental saver, but my problem is.. why has my download speed halved!! Just incase you cannot contact them (not support) @Plusnet @plusnethelp. Disgraceful customer service. Help! I STILL have no internet at home and have been forced to not work from home and go to an office. 2 scared 84 yr olds trying to keep independent. #openreach #plusnet both mismanaging broadband and phone line connection at my parents new build, still no engineers since 12 October connection date.

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