Clay (Nestor and Tacitus) Papers, 1802, 1832–1860, 1962. (1 vol.). She was raised in Grant's colony and her father was a blacksmith. One day Young massa trainin' dem sojers and he am walkin' backwards and facin' dem sojers, and jus' as him say, 'Halt,' down he go, flat on he back. He also buyed land, cleared it and sol' it. He take two beech switches and twist them together and whip 'em to a stub. He always buy slaves and he never sell. River bottom, located between the now city of Trinity and the Trinity River We went to bed soon after supper durin' de week for dat's 'bout all we feel like doin' after workin' twelve hours. and Tobe Lewis f.w. That was over in Richmond, Virginia. He didn't want them to go. "They was 'bout 40 slaves on the place, but I never seed no slaves bought or sold and I never was sold, but I seen 'em beat - O, Lawd, yes. Papers pertaining to the career of Dellett (1788-1848), U. S. Congressman from Alabama, include photostats of correspondence, legal papers, receipts, and speeches relating to his political and business activities. And when we runs and stoops over to crawl through de crack of de fence he sho' give us a big spank. Typescript of a student paper entitled "Slavery and the Republic of Texas, 1834–1844," details diplomatic relations between Great Britain and the Republic of Texas. Springs. Whoa, I's got de red ear here.'. Letters, 1835; Contracts; Bills of sale; Statement; Payroll. Course we had good food all de time but we jes' like dat 'possum best. Will Daily, was born in 1858 in Missouri, near the city of St. Louis. Dey give us an hour for dinner. Many of the slave owners listed Child, Lydia Maria Francis. De sore gits all right after dat out. Norfolk: T.G. He sho' was good to us, but you knows dat ain't de same as bein' free. Mammy done took sick and die and I hires out to cook for Missy Howard, and marries her coachman, what am Woodson Howard. Denny (William Gowdey) Papers, 1836–1891. He make 'em take off the shirt and whup with the strap. My pappy named Charles and come from Florida and mammy named Charlotte and her from Tennessee. I larns to read and den starts votin' 'gain. It a piece of young massa's coat and de bullet have carry it into de flesh and it am dere a whole year. Papers of three Mississippi families contain primarily the correspondence of Ellen Marie Wheaton Chamberlain Hyland (1823–1863) documenting the daily life on the Hyland plantation, Boque Desha in Warren County. "My mammy doctored us when we was feelin' bad and she'd take dog-fenley, a yaller lookin' weed, and brew tea, and it driv de chills and de fever out of us. ", Fornell (Earl W.) Narrative, ca. ), "The African Slave Trade of the Texas Gulf Coast. "I git marry when I was 'bout 22 years old and that's her right there now. Child, David Lee. (32 items). (8 ft., 1 in.). Since I quit I been livin' here at Anahuac and seems like I do 'bout as much preachin' now as I ever done. But she's the bestes' cook. We had everything we needed. White as trustees and J.C. Carter teacher. Old Man Denman cusses at 'em somethin' powerful. Chamberlain-Hyland-Gould Family Papers, 1805–1886. (1 in.) "Our log cabins was good and comfortable. How many acres of lan' he got? When hawg-killin' time come I'm busy watchin' de smokehouse, what am big, and hams and sich hung on racks 'bout six feet high from de fireplace. Den on Christmas Day, him puts a tub of whiskey or brandy in de yard and hangs tin cups 'round de tub. (2 reels; microfilm. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence between family members and includes discussion of Kiger's crops and slaves. Springfield, 1839 (?). Simmons, George F. Two Sermons on the Kind Treatment and on the Emancipation of Slaves.Preached at Mobile, on Sunday the 10th, and Sunday the 17th of May, 1840. I larnt all right, 'cause I wasn't one slow to larn anything. "Marster had 30 or 40 acres and he raise cotton, and corn and 'tatoes. Texas Genealogy Trails. Letter to A.M. Alexander from Sam Houston concerning Houston's oppostition to secessionist efforts and compromise measures on the extension of slavery, September 8, 1857; Huntsville, Texas. time being), thanks to! Thomas, E. A Concise View of the Slavery of the People of Colour in the United States; Exhibiting Some of the Most Affecting Cases of Cruel and Barbarous Treatment of Slaves.... Philadelphia: E. Thomas, 1834. "De patter rolls dey chases me plenty times, but I's lucky, 'cause dey never cotched me. ), Bass (Joseph and Job) Papers, 1828–1831. Grass in the cotton and weeds in the corn, Charley Hurt, 85, was born a slave of John Hurt, who owned a large plantation and over a hundred slaves, in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. "We washed our clothes on Sat'day and danced dat night. Print Office, 1864. Pennington area and various places that were conducive to agriculture. only as a clue to help with your research, and are not necessarily exact. But one time me and my younges' chile was comin' over to church and right near the dippin' vat is two big gates and when we git to them, out come a big old white ox, with long legs and horns and when he git 'bout halfway, he turns into a man with a Panama hat on. A letter from the Shaker Society describes one of their publications. They says us might as well stay there as go somewhere else, and us got no money and no place to go. in the Elijah Roberts Survey. She lives with a daughter at 1520 Arthur St., Houston, Texas. Julia Francis Daniels, born in 1848, in Georgia, a slave of the Denman family, who moved to Texas before the Civil War. Claiborne (F. L.) Papers, 1837–1851. Boston: B. Dat start him laughin' and he tells de people dat I'm a pat'otic nigger. I run round and round and she call her mother and they catch and whip me. (1 1/2 in.). Massie (William) Papers, 1747–1919. Records for his death in about 1873. old they would have been in 1870. Weddin's and funerals, dem was de biggest times. I became a great prophet by fastin' and prayin'. Prints and Photographs Collection: Slaves and slavery. Cochran (Robert) Papers, 1838–1858. My mother, she work in the big house and she have a purty good house to live in. Slave Owners and 955 slaves. this community are still living in the Nigton area and hold a reunion every When five If you wish to In addition there is a letter from Aaron Burr (1832) to Jane McManus concerning her proposed colonization project and enclosing a letter of introduction to Judge Workman in New Orleans with the request that he introduce her to Stephen F. Austin. "If you's wants to know 'bout slavery time, it was Hell. All de marsters and dere black boys from plantations from miles 'round would be dere. I provide these references "When de war start, all massa's sons jines de army. Sometimes she put horse mint on de pallet with us to make us sweat and driv de fever 'way. Churches "They call me Tempie Cummins and I was born at Brookeland but I don' know jus' the 'xact date. "Everything fine and nice there till one day Miss Lizzie say to me, 'Julia, go down to the well and fetch me some water,' and I goes and I seed in the road a heap of men all in gray and ridin' hosses, comin' our way.

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