Moreover, we can see from the interview with Christabel Pankhurst (which, coincidentally, I quote in a guest post commissioned from me for the No 10 website on the bombing of Lloyd George’s house – to go live, I think, at the end of June) that she spoke quite candidly of the women’s right to employ the same weapons as men. Streamed live on Jun 30, 2020 One of the earliest campaigns of terror was brought to London by militant members of the suffragette movement.

Hope that helps! Most famously is a plot to shoot Asquith, who also had a hatchet thrown at him in a theatre in Ireland during an attempted arson attack by the Suffragettes. Hi Fern, I’m doing a series on Resonance FM about news, arts and media, called ‘The Wires’ which I’m interpreting very broadly. And thank you, also, for referencing it on your own blog. Some report the numbers to be in the thousands. So what do we mean by terrorism, and why can it be applied to the actions of the militant suffragettes? The officer told her he should have to take her to the police station and she rejoined, “Don’t hold me; I will go quietly”. They were very careful to find out that nobody was in the place. Elizabeth, Hi Elizabeth, He returned from the war with shell shock, and then had his salary as a teacher cut in half by ‘The Geddes Axe’. There had been a number of similar attacks on MP’s homes across the country. Do you fancy coming on and talking about this … ? TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. I think we need to recognise that an act of arson committed by a woman can be as equally dangerous as that committed by a man. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

At the time she believed that the Pavilion was the property of the Crown. Morally she was not guilty. Do you know where I can find any further information on this specifically?

Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. SUFFRAGETTE "OUTRAGES. I feel that, in a way, the extreme militant wing of the WSPU has been patronised by history – ie because it was women who were placing the bombs, setting the fires etc it was as though the effect would never be as dangerous as it would be if male ‘anarchists’ were to do so. I’m currently finishing an article on Kitty, which calls for a greater analysis of the suffragette violence, I’m hoping to submit it to journals soon and I was wondering if there is any chance you might be willing to have a look at it before I send it out? For more info, check out the websites of the national archives at kew, the british library, and british newspaper online.

Transgender Victorians: Do clothes make the Man? the newsreels certainly covered some of the destruction the violence caused, as well as the marches and demonstrations. But reliance on the press reports leaves us open to criticisms of being blinded by the ‘male gaze’, as the newspaper journalists were in the majority male, and writing for a male dominated audience. "; British Reports of Violence Are Exaggerated, Says Mrs. Blackwell.

At the Central Criminal Court yesterday, before Mr. Justice Bankes, Olive Wharry, otherwise known as Joyce Locke, 23, student, on bail was indicted [charged] for setting fire to the refreshment pavilion at Kew Gardens. The defendant gave the name of Joyce Locke, but subsequently when applying for bail she gave her true name of Olive Wharry. To start with there is a well documented case in the Home Office files, held at Kew, of a reported suffragette plot to shoot Asquith. Extracts from The Times, 8 March 1913 (HO 144/1205/221873).

THE SUFFRAGIST OUTRAGE AT KEW SENTENCE ON THE ACCUSED IMPRISONMENT AND PAYMENT OF COSTS At the Central Criminal Court yesterday, before Mr. … Create a free website or blog at It’s a thorny issue.

I think this area is one that needs serious analysis but has become regarded as a bit of a lion’s den, and I’d really appreciate you thoughts on what I’ve written so far. The answer to that is a categorical no. Fantastic article brilliantly written too much emphasis put on Pankhurst and the suffragettes as though they singlehandedly got the vote for Women. My mother was born in 1917, and did not meet her father until she was two or three, as he was a serving soldier at the time. A pipe bomb is still a pipe bomb, it doesn’t become less dangerous or less important just because it’s a woman who has set it. You only have to look at the ‘Suffragette Outrages’ reported in the press to quickly see that the scale and scope of suffragette violence is far grander than … I remember reading somewhere someone had written a death threat to the King too, but I can’t find the website again! Reading Christabel’s words in The Evening Telegraph makes her message very clear, it is one designed to shock and intimidate the government, and those areas of society that did not allow her voice, and the voice of all women, to be heard.

You only have to look at the ‘Suffragette Outrages’ reported in the press to quickly see that the scale and scope of suffragette violence is far grander than scholars have ever seem to have realised, or admitted. Whenever you’re ready just email it to me.

I believe this subtracts from very important figures such as Millicent Fawcett who through peaceful and political means really paved the way for feminism and the vote. We have a number of assassination attempts/plots reported both by the press and the police from 1909 onwards. best x. Hi Fern – love your blog, it is so very interesting. One of the main arguments against using ‘terrorism’ is that the Suffragettes did not kill anyone. As far as ‘no harm to humans’ goes, we have documented acid attacks, burns from phosphorus, as well as bombs and arson. On the way to the station the defendant said, “I wonder what the men on duty in the Gardens were doing that they did not see it done”. "; British Reports of Violence Are Exaggerated, Says Mrs. Blackwell. The whole building and contents were destroyed, and upon the two ladies who held the refreshment contract from the Crown a heavy pecuniary [financial] loss had been thrown by this act which the prosecution said was clearly the act of the defendant.

Although repeatedly claiming … She was very sorry that the two ladies had sustained loss, as she had no grudge against them. It was to advance the cause of the Suffrage movement, it involved the threat of serious violence, damage to property, and endangered lives. SUFFRAGETTE "OUTRAGES. This seems to be the fundamental issue for many feminists, but just because no-one died, doesn’t mean an act of terrorism hasn’t been committed. But as this is just one event, could it have been a one off?

When people think of the militant suffragettes and violence, the most common image that springs to mind is one of broken windows and burnt post boxes. The United Kingdoms 2000 Terrorism Act says this: Evening Telegraph, February 21st, 1913, A bomb had partially destroyed Lloyd George’s house, and had be claimed by the militants, in the Press and at public meetings. Some scholars would argue that the reports were just sensationalised, dramatized to sell more papers and paint the Suffragettes as hormonal, hysterical monsters. They were charged with the offence of setting fire to the building and the defendant said “Yes, that is right”. ( Log Out /  I wish I had discussed it with her in greater detail, but I am certain in saying that many women of my mother’s generation and that of her parents, would have vehemently disputed that the suffragettes spoke for them, or that their voices were not heard. Best X, Hi Jude, I’d love to have a chat about it!!

She did not deserve to be punished, and she should not submit to punishment. Excellent post. v3.0. Continuing her statement, the defendant [Olive Wharry] said it was not Mrs Pankhurst who incited [called them to commit these attacks], it was the Cabinet Ministers. Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article.

A number of women were present in Court during the hearing of the case, orders having been given by Mr. Justice Bankes that women should be admitted. Some 20 years ago I somehow got into a conversation about the suffragettes with my mum, expecting that she would be approving of what they did for women as a whole, and was greatly surprised to hear, that even as an old lady, my mother was deeply angry with them for what she saw as their lack of respect for men, and about the way the suffragettes conducted their campaign. v3.0, except where otherwise stated,, Friends of The National A magistrate claimed to have been pushed off a cliff by two suffragettes in Margate, and the risk to MP’s lives was so serious that plain clothes police officers provided protection for those members of the cabinet that were thought to be most at risk. Few people expect the reality to include pipe bombs, suicide, and assassination attempts.

If you’d like more details on specific attacks, please have a listen to my BBC Radio 3 documentary ‘Kitty Marion: Singer, Suffragette, Firestarter’ now available on iPlayer, ( and watch out for the new series of BBC Coast coming out next year where we recreate an explosion using the same materials as the suffragettes had at their disposal. The Suffragists are sadly overlooked a lot although I believe highly influential.


Archives, Open Government Licence So in tier 1 & 2, indoor sport can take place with an audience of 1000. Militant violence in it’s own time was condemned both by those within the wider suffragette movement and those outside of it, but modern feminists are often surprised to discover that the suffragettes were refereed to as terrorists by their contemporaries. She would go on “hunger strike”. Two policemen named Relf and Hill, noticing a reflection of fire in the sky, ran towards the Gardens and saw the defendant and another woman running away. Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events.Sign up, All content is available under the Open Government Licence ‘Black Friday’ 1910, 300 Suffragettes take a deputation to Parliament, and are met by an unknown number of armed policemen.

I won’t deny that biased reporting would have been rife, both pro and anti suffrage, but you can’t change the facts of the case. ( Log Out / 

But the reports also exist in the Parliamentary Papers, which includes lists of the ‘incendiary devices’, explosions, artwork destruction, arson attacks, window-breaking, post box burning and telegraph cable breaking that occurred during the most militant years from 1910-1914. Thank you for both reading and responding to this post – I’m thrilled!!

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