When adjusting the width distance of the armrests, care should be taken not to bend the arms outwards. Position the armrests. Classic upholstered comfort and transparent lightness. Correctly adjusting the office chair, regularly checking your own sitting habits and integrating dynamic sitting and movement into your daily work routine are the best prerequisites for an almost painless working life in the office. If necessary, the seat height should be adjusted again. The Sedus Yeah is a very affordable way to enjoy the Sedus sitting experience. However, individual conditions can lead to deviations from this concept. Sedus is a European leading manufacturer of modular office furniture & ergonomic chairs, giving a modern and timeless quality to the office environment. All rights reserved. Products Solutions Sedus generally only allows for a change of angle of 4° to avoid the risk of the body slipping out of the seat. A slightly lower setting can also have a positive effect here, as it allows easy access to documents. enjoy all the ergonomic advantages match has to offer. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Congratulations! You have chosen a high-quality Sedus product. The lumbar adjustment should therefore not press on the pelvis. The seat height should be adjusted in such a way that as even a pressure distribution as possible can be felt on the underside of the thighs. In order to adjust the backrest correctly, it should not press too hard forwards and should also prevent one from falling backwards. To adjust the office chair correctly, a basic setting (as shown in the picture on the left) is always recommended.

In order to adjust the armrests correctly, the forearms should be able to lie flat and the shoulder area should be noticeably relieved. When working with a keyboard and mouse, the forearms should not be too far away from the edge of the table, otherwise the arms will be stretched and the shoulder area will be permanently strained. Whereas other chairs are rigid, Sedus black dot is dynamic and supports the back, even when swivelling or turning to the side. Agile working is transforming organisations, New Dimensions and new products for the changing world of work in 2020, Sedus and sustainability, an interview with Simon Roquette, Part Two, Associating emotions with certain colours is a universal human trait, Integrating the office in the new workplace ecosystem, Sedus and sustainability, an interview with Simon Roquette, Part One, The backrest pressure of the seat/backrest mechanism, The height-adjustable backrest or the lumbar adjustment. The height-adjustable backrest should maintain and support the natural double-S shape of the spine. If the armrests are adjusted downwards to allow better access to the desk, it is essential to adjust the height of the desk to ensure good ergonomics at the desk.

The entire surface of the seat should be used to ensure that the pelvis is in contact with the backrest. The sophisticated upholstery system and the first-class finish emphasise the high quality of this family of chairs, and contribute towards its longevity. We hope you enjoy, Please read the following information on adjusting the chair properly so that you can. As people spend a large part of the day at their workplace, the topic of workplace optimisation is becoming an increasingly important issue. Spasmodic permanent postures should be avoided. To prevent fatigue, you should also remember to adjust the monitor settings for brightness, contrast, and colour individually to your ambient lighting conditions to ensure workplace optimisation. B Height of the lumbar support (optional), downwards until the desired position is achieved (greater backrest, pressure) or upwards (lesser backrest pressure), 4° forwards) or swivel downwards and lock into place (seat moves back, G Adjusting the basic armrests (optional), Depth: Push the armrest cover backwards or forwards to engage, Swivelling armrest covers: up to 15° inwards and outwards; also swivels, 360°with more force; a 180°turn changes the width between the armrests, Releasing the lever at the desired height will lock the, Adjust the handles on both sides to the desired height, Swivel the lever backwards and lock into place (chair tilts, Press the button underneath the armrest, lift or lower the, Release the button, the armrest locks into place, Press the button, lift or lower the armrest, Releasing the lever at the desired height, Release the finger plate, and the seat will engage, Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Indoor Furnishing Sedus mr. 24 Instructions For Use Manual, Indoor Furnishing Sedus black dot Instructions For Use Manual, Indoor Furnishing Sedus open up Operating Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing Sedus Quarterback 3414 Assembly Instructions. On the other hand, there should be an approximately three-finger-wide distance between the seat and the back of the knees so that no pressure is built up in the back of the knees. Locking the backrest should rarely be used, as dynamic sitting has proven to have positive effects on well-being and work performance. This has a particularly positive effect on a frequently used rear working posture, as the neck muscles have to work less. 2. You can also download all the images and documents from the, Sedus cantilever chair “allright” for universal use | PDF, Five iF design prizes for new products | PDF, A lightness and elegance that wins you over | PDF, A lightness and elegance that wins you over, Note on cleaning agents and disinfectants | PDF, Measurement illustrations black dot 24 | PDF, Measurement illustrations black dot net | PDF, Measurement illustrations black dot | PDF, Campaign for healthier backs black dot 24 | PDF, Campaign for healthier backs black dot net | PDF, Campaign for healthier backs black dot | PDF, TÜV safety approval | 130 kg weight | PDF, Measurement illustrations crossline prime | PDF, Measurement illustrations crossline straight | PDF, Measurement illustrations crossline | PDF, TÜV safety approval crossline (German) | PDF, CAD Daten crossline straight | DWG und DXF, Focusing on communication solutions | PDF, Systematised bench programme for a wide range of uses | PDF, Assembly instructions mastermind chimney | PDF, Assembly instructions mastermind power supply | PDF, Integrierte Medien- und Konferenztechnik | PDF, Measurement illustrations bar stool | PDF, Measurement illustrations visitor chair | PDF, Measurement illustrations swivel chair | PDF, Good Environmental Choice Australia | PDF, Measurement illustrations Swivel chair | PDF, Measurement illustrations 4-leg visitor chair | PDF, “on spot” lounge chair for spatial definition and creative dialogue | PDF, Home comfort and elegance in leather – "on spot vero" | PDF, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (German) | PDF, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany | PDF, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2002 (German) | PDF, TÜV safety approval | Counter swivel chair | PDF, Three Red Dot awards for new products | PDF, focusing on communication solutions | PDF, Instructions for use silent rush modern classic | PDF, Design Zentrum NRW & GOOD DESIGN AWARD | PDF, Meeting place with room-in-room feeling | PDF, Winner at the German Design Award 2014 | PDF, DGUV safety approval Swivel partner chair | PDF, NeoCon Gold Award für Stauraummöbel „terri tory“ | PDF, Campaign for healthier backs high desk chair | PDF, Campaign for healthier backs turn around | PDF, Conscious posture change with “turn around” | PDF.

By pushing the seat back and forth when adjusting the office chair, it can be adjusted to the individual thigh length. Sedus netwin combines the transparent lightness of the mesh look with the comfort of a fully upholstered chair. By trial and error, the seat-back mechanism is adjusted so that the entire spectrum of backrest movement supports the upper body in a balanced manner.

Sedus Media Center. Press enter to see results or esc to cancel. If the height of the table-top is correctly adjusted, it can also be used as an armrest and the armrests can be adjusted downwards. The muscles need the alternation of tension and relaxation.

2. The viewing distance to the monitor is determined by the individual’s vision. The one-piece, generously proportioned backrest frame provides an elegant solution. So, what are the 10 most important desk and office chair requirements for the ergonomically correct adjustment of a monitor workstation? On the one hand, it should be ensured that the chair can be leaned against the backrest.

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