Browse Local Cattle Ads . Edwards Cattle Company breeds and sells registered Black Angus cattle directly to farmers and ranchers interested in improving the genetics of their Angus or commercial herd. God allows us to manage his animals and land and supplies us with the knowledge, funding and anything else we may need. Users can post cattle ads for free or choose a premium subscription for additional features. Check out the steps we take to ensure the livestock we sell have a healthy start. Our customers are our most valuable asset, so feel free to call or email us anytime. His epd's include Milk top 2%, $B and $C top 3%, RADG top 4%, $F top 5%, CED, BW, YH, Marb, $W, and $G top 10%, YW, and CW top 20%. 90 Days:          Triangle 10, Vision 8, Ivermax, Pre-weaning:  Triangle 10, Vision 8, Ivermax, Fly Control:      Pro Lintox spray and IGR as needed, 30 days prior to calving:  Triangle 10, Vision 8, Ivermax, Fly control:  Pro Lintox spray and IGR as needed, Spring:              Triangle 10, Ivermax. ECC is a family owned business operated by Greg, Catrina, Linda, and JL Edwards. If you want to take the risk out of buying a bull for your commercial herd, he has the most reliable predictors available in today's market. Quail, Guineas, Peacocks, Ring Neck Pheasants, Chickens, Roosters and more! Search for cattle near you. We also have a commercial cow-calf operation in Milam County, Texas. At ECC, we desire satisfied customers and are happy to work with cattlemen and women to address their specific needs. List your cattle for free. Wann Ranch is not only family owned, but is also run with Christian values being held first and foremost. ... $5,000.00 GSKI Showman 4G is looking for some l... $1,200.00 Born March/April. Quality-Balance-Production. For Sale By Owner. Connect With Breeders . We market our registered Angus bulls through a joint bull sale in March, with our good friends, Beus Cattle Company, in Pasco, Washington. We are not owners but merely stewards of God's Possessions. We hope they make you smile. Take a look at some of our pictures. Greg Edwards (512) 705-0806 or JL Edwards (512) 269-7240. We always keep in mind that he is in control. Our females are sold through private treaty and also through consignment sales throughout the year. We run about 75 registered black Angus cows, and prioritize quality over quantity. Feel free to contact us regarding your questions about Registered Black Angus cattle or any other aspect of our ranch operation. ECC 1902 is sixteen months old as of July 11. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. 15 black angus heifers bred to registered black angus bulls ( 19552448 Southern Charm son, 19402454 Capitalist... $1,300.00 Bred Heifers for Sale: 23 Red Angus bred heifers Contact Us; Sign Up; Login; POST NEW AD; Home; Browse Cattle Ads; Breeder Directory ; Browse by Location; Events; Home; Browse Cattle Ads; Breeder Directory; Browse by Location; Events; Browse Cattle. You may specify grass finished if you prefer and purchase the entire animal. Pretty heifers read... is a farm-to-farm cattle marketplace that allows users to buy and sell cattle without a middleman and extra commission fees. Please check back! Copyright © 2020 Edwards Cattle Company - All Rights Reserved. All our adult bulls are also tested for triche and have a complete breeding soundness exam by a licensed veterinarian before delivery. Please check them out below. Pecan Bayou Cattle has Registered Black Angus Bulls and Cows for sale in Texas. We will be offering four Black Angus cattle weighing 1000 to 1200 pounds to fill those spots. Our focus is to produce superior bulls and quality, maternal females to offer to your herd. A registered Angus bull is the path to improving your herd genetics. Registered Black Angus Cattle Family Owned and Operated. GDA Farm & Ranch offers Registered Black Angus Cattle of superior genetics. Angus, cattle, cows, cow. Try one and you'll be glad you did. Thanks to everyone that purchased our two year old bulls and our replacement heifers this year. His epd's include HP and $M top 10%, WW top 25%, YH and $W top 30%, and  CEM and RE top 35%. We raise registered Black Angus Cattle at our location in Williamson County, Texas. We now have two virgin bulls available for private treaty sales. They will be finished for ninety days on grain for taste and tenderness. We are offering four reservations for genuine pasture raised Angus beef quarters available in June and July 2021 (see details below). Please call us with any questions. Check out our Cattle for Sale page to see current available cattle for purchase! Running a cattle ranch is a lot of hard work, but we believe it should also be fun. If you have questions, we have answers. Whether you want a heifer bull, a clean up bull, or a herd bull, a proven Angus bull will be the cornerstone upon which you can build your herd. Our bulls and heifers are DNA tested by Angus GS in order to provide the most accurate predictors possible. Pecan Bayou Cattle sells Registered Black Angus Bulls and Cows directly to our customers or by “private treaty.”. It is our goal to raise quality Black Angus beef cattle with balanced epd's in order to offer replacement heifers and bulls that will improve the herd genetics for our valued customers. He is an AI bull out of one of the top bulls in the breed, Jindra Acclaim. They have had a complete health protocol, Angus GS testing, and have genomic enhanced epd's. Whether you are looking for a bull, cow/calf or show heifer, we got you covered.

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