If age 62 serves as a reference point, as previous research suggests it does (for example, Brown (2006)), individuals may view retiring at 64, for example, as a "loss." to share insights, guidance and wisdom, drive toward the goal of taking appropriate actions and easing their clients’ fears. Citing a number of reasons, most grounded in behavioral economics and behavioral psychology, the authors hypothesized and found through survey research that a large majority of respondents think a one-time, lump-sum payment would provide a greater incentive to delay retirement than the standard Social Security annuity increase. to individuals aged 55 or older (SSA 2009b).14 This insert contains a bar graph that shows how benefits increase as an individual's benefit-start age increases from 62 to 70. "People Focus on Optimistic and Disregard Pessimistic Scenarios While Predicting Their Task Completion Times." An Issue in Brief (series 4). It may also be associated with the loss of a job and the sense of purpose that people often get from their careers. When individuals decide to stop working, they must have a way to support themselves financially, as their income from work will no longer be available. Even when individuals are induced to consider the unexpected events that could potentially occur, they tend to disregard those possibilities as unlikely to happen to them. Some retirees may also find themselves bored and disengaged from society (Nuttman-Shwartz 2007), conditions that normally present themselves further into retirement. Coile, Courtney, Peter Diamond, Jonathan Gruber, and Alain Jousten. 0000002973 00000 n NBER Working Paper No. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you http://www.mrrc.isr.umich.edu/publications/Papers/pdf/wp120.pdf. I no longer feel drained and look forward to every day in a rhythm I have set for myself. Those mentally constructed scenarios are often optimistic, "best-case" scenarios (Newby-Clark and others 2000), which fail to include any unexpected problems that may arise during the project. 2009. Therefore, providing individuals with testimonials of others whose postponement of retirement was generally positive (or at least not negative) could bias them toward delaying retirement, whether this is the best decision or not. 5310. http://ssrn.com/abstract=1708756. The abbreviated nature of mental simulations, then, may be extremely important for the retirement decision; if retirees do not consider what the state of their retirement and finances will be in their 80s and 90s (when perhaps their retirement savings accounts have been exhausted), they will not fully realize the importance of delaying benefit claiming as long as possible. %PDF-1.5 %���� Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Retirement Research Center. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 39(5): 806–820. For some, the abrupt change in the life they knew for years may now require a difficult adjustment. Previous research suggests that the psychological immune system becomes activated only when there is no other way out (Wilson and Gilbert 2003). Internal Revenue Service. Baumeister, Roy F. 1982. Along those lines, not discussing the relationship between a spouse's claiming age and what would happen if the spouse dies allows future retirees to avoid the negative emotions that could be associated with such a discussion. The disenchantment stage of retirement also fades after a while as people figure out the best way to fill their time. Potential retirees do not have a great deal of free time that they must fill with some sort of activity, so the context in which they mentally simulate retirement will lack the possible feelings of boredom some encounter in retirement. Adopting an outside view eliminates the aforementioned optimistic bias thought to underlie the planning fallacy because it precludes individuals from thinking about why a particular project is bound to work better than others have in the past. Rather than considering options absolutely, people tend to evaluate options relatively, that is, as gains or losses from a specified reference point. when the regular paychecks stop, time is in abundance and a new phase of life begins? 1974. If you picture a … What Role Should Work Play in Retirement? http://www.ebri.org/pdf/surveys/rcs/2007/RCS07_FS_3_SS-Med.pdf. "Timing of Retirement: Including a Delay Discounting Perspective in Retirement Models." "Preference Reversals Due to Myopic Discounting of Delayed Reward." Similarly, teachers who obtain or fail to obtain tenure report being equally as happy, even though both groups imagine that outcome will affect their happiness for years to come (Gilbert and others 1998). The notion of the break-even age highlights the fact that an individual will not make up the amount forfeited by delaying claiming unless they live at least as long as the break-even age (Brown, Kapteyn, and Mitchell 2010). Kirby, Kris N., and Richard J. Herrnstein. 2007-17. just create an account. A 2008 report from EBRI (Helman and others 2008) shows that 22 percent of survey respondents indicated that they first began to think about the retirement decision a mere 6 months before they actually left their jobs. Instead, participants were asked to report their preferred retirement age and separately answered a question regarding whether or not they were tired of work. When retirement is far in the future, workers may intend to retire later; but, as the time to retire approaches and the opportunity to stop working and obtain benefits immediately overwhelms the prospect of long-term financial well-being, those workers may end up opting to retire sooner. All rights reserved. 13 Claims representatives continue to calculate the break-even age if a claimant asks for a break-even calculation. Regardless of the specific financial needs of a potential retiree, if individuals work longer, they are less likely to claim benefits whether they have sources of retirement funding outside of Social Security or not (Gustman and Steinmeier 2002). Fetherstonhaugh, David, and Lee Ross. "How Long do Workers Consider Retirement Decision?" We use cookies to enable certain features of our website and to better tailor the information we provide you. The Full Retirement Age is Increasing. For example, a researcher could ask prospective retirees how they would feel if they delayed retirement past their expected retirement date and compare their responses to those of retirees who did postpone their retirement. Responses to Changes in Social Security Rules. Indeed, previous research suggests that being tired of working is a main determinant of the preference for early retirement. Briefly, individuals can choose to begin receiving retirement benefits at any age between 62 (that is, the EEA) and 70, and this choice affects the size of the benefit. 21. http://www.ebri.org/pdf/publications/facts/fastfacts/fastfact21RetireAge18Apr06.pdf. 1979a. Working Longer: The Solution to the Retirement Income Challenge. As such, retirees often go through certain stages. Individuals are unlikely to evaluate the prospect of retiring at 64 by simply evaluating how it would feel to retire at this age. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. Imagining obtaining tenure (Gilbert and others 1998) or witnessing your favorite sports team win an important game (Wilson and others 2000) most likely produces stronger positive feelings than do the events themselves. Thus, the question of how to support oneself in retirement should be an important consideration in the retirement decision. This result is consistent with previous research on loss aversion, which suggests that losses hurt more than equivalent gains feel good. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 112(2): 375–405. Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology. prolonged period of very low interest rates — making income generation on a fixed retirement portfolio extremely difficult. 0000006055 00000 n DOI: 10.1002/job.1965, Newport, F. (May 10, 2018). The Characteristics of Social Security Beneficiaries Who Claim Benefits at the Early Entitlement Age. Anyone can earn Thinking of Retiring? In addition, essentialized mental simulations of retirement may lead individuals to focus on the major aspects of leaving the workforce, such as large amounts of leisure time, to the exclusion of the seemingly smaller details, such as possibly having few retired friends with which to spend this newly acquired leisure time. For example, potential retirees may fear that they will be bored after they retire, that they will miss the mentally stimulating discussions in which they often partook at work, or that they will slowly become less engaged in society (Nuttman-Shwartz 2007). Often referred to as optimistic bias (Armor and Taylor 2002; Weinstein 1980), individuals' tendency to be overly optimistic about the outcome of future events can lead to poor choices, such as failing to engage in preventative health behaviors (Weinstein 1987). Second, when potential retirees decide that they want to retire, they are earning an income that will not exist once they leave the workforce. You can test out of the Psychological perspectives on the changing nature of retirement. Psychological Bulletin 91(1): 3–26. It may also be associated with the loss of a job and the sense of purpose that people often get from their careers. 2009a. "Decision and Experience: Why Don't We Choose What Makes Us Happy?" Retirement is a stage that transforms an individual’s life. Journal of Vocational Behavior 57(2): 206–225. 1995. 0000073989 00000 n The RET requires that $1 in benefits be withheld for every $2 a beneficiary earns over the annual earnings limit. Journal of Vocational Behavior 68(2): 368–387. NIH Publication No. Rozin, Paul, and Edward B. Royzman. Research & Strategies: Retirement Planning Article. 1999. This tendency is offset if the person retiring is married or continues to have an active social life. A Psychological Perspective on Economic Aspects of Retirement." While prospective retirees may not take it upon themselves to consider future scenarios that could produce negative emotions, they are liable to be willing to consider such scenarios if prompted. New York: Springer Publishing Company. The complicated Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 33(3): 461–474. ———. Archives of Internal Medicine 151(2): 277–280. http://www.metlife.com/individual/financial-tools/social-security-tool/sscalc.swf. The final stage of retirement is the stability stage. "Social Security Decision Tool." Sasha may, for example, enter a routine that involves regular volunteer work along with socializing with friends and some downtime for reading. However, as the reward opportunity moves closer to the present, individuals' preferences tend to reverse so that they prefer the smaller, sooner reward (Kirby and Herrnstein 1995). 2002. Attitudes about Social Security and Medicare. Although there is no correct amount of time that individuals should ponder the retirement decision, research in JDM and behavioral economics suggests that the amount of time individuals spend contemplating when to retire may actually affect the decision itself. order to provide effective and differentiated service, they need to engage in aligned and purposeful conversation. However, the annual statements have been suspended temporarily to conserve funds. Beehr, Terry A., Sharon Glazer, Norma L. Nielson, and Suzanne J. For many retirees, those two events likely are one and the same, but those events do not always temporally coincide—individuals may claim benefits while continuing to work or they may stop working without claiming benefits.

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