The resolution to promote or oppose the bill must in the first instance have been carried by an absolute majority of the whole number of the council at a meeting convened by special notice, and afterwards confirmed by the like majority. Rome is indeed to be honoured as the mother of the churches; nor would Gerbert oppose her judgments except in two cases - (I) where she enjoins something that is contrary to the decrees of a universal council, such as that of Nice, or (2) where, after having been once appealed to in a matter of ecclesiastical discipline and having refused to give a plain and speedy decision, she should, at a later date, attempt to call in question the provisions of the metropolitan synod called to remedy the effects of her negligence. The High Church party endeavoured to oppose the appointment at every stage; but their attempts exposed them to a serious defeat. An expedition in 1825, under General van Geen, was not fully successful in enforcing it; and in 1858 and the following year two expeditions were necessary to oppose an attempt by the princess regent towards independence. Like Alexander in the last period of his reign, Nicholas considered himself the supreme guardian of European order, and was ever on the watch to oppose revolution in all its forms. 30, Getting approval for the plan is a purely formal matter: nobody will seriously oppose it. Even at the end of August Sobieski had but 3000 men at his disposal to oppose to 60,000 Turks. At Rignano the indomitable Ranulf again utterly defeated the king, but in April 1139 Ranulf died, leaving none to oppose Roger, who subdued pitilessly the last of the rebels. February 2001 Expenses action starts Action to oppose the unagreed imposition of new BBC expenses rules starts on 26 February. Even then he was long delayed by the want of monitors with which to oppose the ironclad vessels of the enemy. As opposed to in a sentence 1 This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to strength. I strongly oppose these proposed timetable alterations for the following reasons; We have alreday lost the 06.09 service earlier this year. aikido practice is to learn not to oppose physical force with physical force. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Many redactional aims are not only theological but also sociological in the sense that the author attempts to oppose one social construction with another. It had made an attempt, though a weak one, to oppose the forward march of the Revolution, but, unlike the Jacobins, had never sent out branches into the provinces. Above all, he had secured the future by associating his son Robert with him on the throne; and although the nobles and the archbishop of Reims were disturbed by this suspension of the feudal right of election, and tried to oppose it, they were unsuccessful. CK 806850 Hoover opposed the plan. Early on, parents can work with the child's temperamental traits rather than oppose them. Meanwhile he had been sent to Paris in 1867 to oppose the French expedition to Rome, and in 1870, after the occupation of Rome by the Italians, had been appointed lieutenant-royal of the new capital. The municipal animosities of the last quarter of a century gave substance to these factions; yet neither the imperial nor, the anti-imperial party had any real community of interest with Frederick. In 1400 he was sent to Damascus, in connexion with the expedition intended to oppose Timur or Tamerlane. corps and the right of the investing line, and after the surrender he was sent to oppose General Johnston in the country about Jackson, Miss. We may without hesitation follow the opinion of Mommsen, who maintains that the limes was not intended, like Hadrian's Wall between the Tyne and the Solway, and like the great wall of China, to oppose an absolute barrier against incursions from the outside. heresythy was left at Ephesus to oppose heresies into which some had fallen, vv. So, from the first, France was faced with another war against an affrighted and infuriated Europe, a war in which the big battalions would be on the side of the Seventh Coalition; and to oppose their vast armies, Napoleon only had in March the 150,000 men he had taken over from Louis XVIII when the Bourbon hurriedly quitted the throne. The Republicans entered the place he left vacant simply because there was nobody to oppose them. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). It purports to be a conversation at the little town of Beaucaire between a soldier (obviously the writer himself) and three men, citizens of Marseilles, Nimes and Montpellier, who oppose the Jacobinical government and hope for victory over its forces. These cookies do not store any personal information. They had at their disposal 375,000 men, to which the Magyars could only oppose 160,000. But the league arranged by Zwingli was directed against the house of Habsburg, and Luther did not deem it right to oppose a prince by force of arms. Now, these two luminaries are objects of veneration to the African tribes, and they determined to oppose so sacrilegious an enterprise. The later Lutheran doctrine is "that man, unable as he is to will any good thing, can yet use the means of grace, and that these means of grace, carrying in themselves a divine power, produce a saving effect on all who do not voluntarily oppose their influence. The patrician Nicetas, count of Opsikion, who sought to oppose his march, was defeated by Harun's general, Yazid b. We will oppose the imposition of any compulsion, which restricts uniquely the liberty of motorcyclists. FREE SOIL PARTY, a political party in the United States, which was organized in 1847-1848 to oppose the extension of slavery into the Territories. , Wanting a more serene and natural setting, many neighbors in the area oppose the idea of condominium developments being built on the land. Politically this opposition had the effect of temporarily reviving the Federalist party, which secured control of the legislature, and gave the electoral vote of the state in 1812 to De Witt Clinton, whom the Federalists had accepted as a candidate to oppose Madison for re-election on the war issue. The re-organization of the university was also discussed, and as Wenceslaus for a time favoured the Germans, Hus and Jerome, as leaders of the Bohemians, incurred the anger of the king, who threatened them with death by fire should they oppose his will. 27, In spite of different opinions, we must stay together and jointly oppose the enemy. The possibility of the existence of evil spirits, organized under one leader Satan to tempt man and oppose God, cannot be denied; the sufficiency of the evidence for such evil agency may, however, be doubted; the necessity of any such belief for Christian thought and life cannot, therefore, be affirmed. amnesty for asylum seekers as well as continuing to oppose deportations in general. The Butlers returned to their allegiance, but continued to oppose Carew, and great atrocities were committed on both sides. The kings astonishment was even greater than his indignation when he saw the late chancellor setting himself to oppose him in all things. nauseateonally oppose them because I think there is no more nauseating sight than politicians pulling up the ladder of opportunity behind them. All those who wished for peace and orderly government came by degrees to oppose the Directors; and, seeing that the latter clung to Jacobinical catchwords and methods, public opinion tended to become "moderate" or even royalist. Such was the argument. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Bournonville obtained a free passage, and Turenne was too late to oppose him. Moreover, the opponents of the Czartoryscy made no serious attempt to oppose the entry of the Russian troops. Living at the time he did, when the doctrines of the humoral pathologists were carried to an extreme extent, and witnessing the ravages which disease made on the solid structures of the body, it was not surprising that he should oppose a doctrine which appeared to him to lead to a false practice and to fatal results, and adopt one which attributed more to the agency of the solids and very little to that of the fluids of the body.

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