I want him to be imaginative and creative with their thoughts, not scared to stand strong behind them. While there may not be a perfect Mr. Both the choices seem extremely appealing causing the human mind to jam. For Laura it is different, she has... ...of life are the best years to have aim and goals in life. It will indeed, be rare to find an ideal life partner with all the virtues and qualities that we exalt. For instance, if your friends keep asking you to go out with them on a Friday night but you keep turning them down, you're limiting your opportunities. A real casual arrangement. It takes two, so without looking at myself also, it's pie in the sky stuff. Tags: LOVEMARRIAGEMENRELATIONSHIPWOMENYOUTH. I dont want someone who is the same as me at all.. but i do want someone who hs the same or similar ideals as me. We chatted online (as I had with dozens, if not hundreds of guys). I had a hard time thinking deeply and everything was “WHY?” Maybe this wasn’t my love for “him”, but this may involve him, my values and my religion. love is perfect when we are bounded by internal substance not external with your life partner. How would they affect my depression/anxiety? Remembering those years gives me a sense of joy and happiness and a sense of satisfaction in completing and achieving few steps in life considered to be important. She looks after her family,friends and husband, 28 February 2016 All rights reserved. I hate the banal storylines! He cared for me when I fractured my shoulder/humerus in 3 places. He would be strong, a good listener, deeply passionate about what they believe in. When all along he has always been mine. The narrator is a middle-aged woman, who has not found the meaning of her life yet “It’s my first day (…) and I have forgotten my shoes”, her life is very disorderly and chaotic. ); he is happy to listen as I rattle on; he trusts me without expecting me to be anything other than I am; and I trust him without expecting him to change for me. Your email address will not be published. 26 February 2016 How have I not popped in before?? My boyfriend of 7 months is actually my ideal life partner. In reality, believes that they are a perfect fit for each other. But according to psychics and experts, manifesting the love you want is very possible and surprisingly simple. It's not like it wouldn't be special to me, it just wouldn't outwardly appear like a very loving relationship... My ideal partner would be someone who is also my best and closest friend. Laura and Vernon have been together for a long time, “We began our relationship – half my life ago (…)”, but the relationship between Laura and Vernon is not as good as it has been. We would complement each other perfectly. I felt I wasn’t capable of being loved. It takes me years to actually believe someone likes me and isn't just "being polite". Cute. To be honest, I'm not sure if I personally believe there's such a thing as an ideal life partner (or maybe I just haven't met him yet ha, ha). Marrying the right person is therefore a thing of necessity and requires critical attention. Another drawback is that you’re financially independent...... ...think about trying to have a relationship with someone. After some horrible situations with men/women in my past, finding my 'ideal' is more about looking back and identifying what worked as well as what didn't. Fit. ...change in emotions and attitudes regarding the offender.” This definition of forgiveness points out that forgiveness is a personal choice and is not dependent on the person who is receiving this forgiveness. But unfortunately, I delayed in letting him know my feelings for him and after about 8 years, he married another girl. He cares for me now 2 years after that accident with the chronic pain from my neck/back issues and the major depression and anxiety I have just been diagnosed with. My life took a major turning point during these years from 1997 to 2007. Ideal may not be the best word, however due to my dyslexia (and probably poor vocab) it would be the only word I could think of using. I reckon my ideal partner would be like a best mate, who I occasionally hooked up with. Unless you're into that sort of thing, you probably won't be happy with what you get. Your description can be of your current love if you have one or who you would love to bump into accidentally (on purpose). Required fields are marked *, THE COMPLEXITY OF NIGERIAN POLITICS:DIFFICULT FOR YOUTHS. But the basic things would be that he's patient. I think relationship makes life more interesting, so maybe it will be great if I feel funny and comfortable to share everything. “Failures are stepping stone to success”. Besides, when you no longer fear rejection, you're more likely to go after what you really want. ALSO READ: the youthful stage: 4 stages you must go; The youthful  stage of life is the most delicate and useful point in life. The story is written in first-person narrator, where we get the story told by the narrator Laura. Who is understanding of my GAD. American society has created and established many gender roles for our relationships and family’s, especially when it pertains to careers and money in a relationship. Some sociologists would say that having other human relationships is so important to us, that communication is the primary goal of existence. I've experimented with romantic cohabitation and, while it has its plusses, it doesn't feel like my natural comfort zone and I don't see what I'd gain from it. It doesn’t make sense to wait for a soul mate or a perfect partner because there will never be just one. Looks aren't as important as how they care for themselves. in reply to, 27 February 2016 You're very welcome to post, ask questions, or chat. Someone who will communicate with me instead of just fighting with me because they can because in the end id rather talk things out. It’s just that a v-shaped man with broad shoulders and thick hair reflect his being a man capable of producing a productive offspring. That was three years ago. In the meanwhile a met a guy who I assumed had all the qualities that I wanted in my perfect partner. ANALYSIS OF SALES & PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES IN TIERII CITIES Probably why I find it hard to find someone. The Secret Daily Teachings provides a simple, inspiring way to keep your thoughts and feelings positive every single day of the year. However, that does not mean I haven’t thought about the person I would .... Read the essay free on Booksie. He loves me. God also need direct the steps n grant effort with success. This is only 1/10 of her dreamy profile! Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Speech Communication in the Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011

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