Maybe he’s critical or negative, or he never has anything good to say about you, your home, your kids, or anything you do. So I ended it because I hated how it made ME feel. When I tell my stories, I get nothing. Have you talked to anyone about leaving him? That he likes having other options. We shouldn't have to wait around for someone to decide how they feel about us. I know I didn’t because I live by treat others as you want to be treated and hang around like minded people who don’t like throwing wool over others’ eyes. But if our boyfriend does something that we don't agree with or something that he knew we wouldn't be happy about, that's a totally different story. I read all 10 signs below and listed things that hurt me. Or it means that we're going absolutely nowhere. Yes that would have been better, more honest and less martyrish. 12. Learn about us. *ReginaRey (Real Name: Rachel East) is a full-time Events & Promotions Coordinator and a part-time freelance writer focusing on dating and relationships. The last time I tried leaving he said he was going to kill himself because he was dead without me. And you end up here reading this article. I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE. It worries me that these articles do not address different circumstances and make blank statements. I wish to have something which I eat tonight, go sleep and never wake up to struggle in my real life again. He gets annoyed if you just want to talk or hang out doing something else. We make decent money so I could have stayed in a hotel, I just feel like it would be wasted (my self worth is very low). .I really love him and fell for his charm but sadly it didn’t last. It’s just so hard to let go. He is also very dedicated to the kids but sometimes when I see him talking to them bad about me I don’t know what to think. He seems more distant, or worse, he doesn’t have time for you anymore. I also know people that will sabotage their friends’ partnerships because they are jealous. That he’s the only one you need. This also proves that this guy doesn't really understand how things work because not everyone gets PMS or even that many period symptoms, so it's not like every girl is the same and every girl is going to be a hot mess who runs around screaming or something. I tried calling DV to help..but they too told me they can help but I’m going to have to leave my kid alone while i stay home to help with court, etc. as a crutch) knows exactly what’s going on, and that’s it’s codependent and unhealthy. I was instantly attracted to this man. I understand he was hurt and that I lied, but is this really all my fault? Finally got a job, started saving money, had goals for myself and my oldest who is 13 was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Hi this is my first time having a biyfriend,i met him in university now its 5 months that we have been friends and i love him,he says he loves me so much,i do really care abt him but sth that bothers me is that he has panic attack disorder,it makes me upset and i feel pity for him,i want to break up with him because of that disease,but i cant i dont want to leave him alone on the other hand i dont have future with him,i dont know what to do,every day i wake up i think abt him and think abt that i will not love another guy because i love him so much,and again i think abt what if i break up with him and his disease get worst because of me? What do I do? We have 2 children. No one can tell you how to deal with this. It seems like we only work out when our sex drives are very high . Conversely to those of you who say, “My husband / boyfriend is always bothering me for sex and he is always in a foul mood, well duh!. We have been trying to make things work more than half our relationship . He shares his feelings — not freely, but more. Talk about adding insult to injury. Mainly because it was true. Our boyfriend could honestly not believe that we love him, and maybe he's right and he's picking up on what's really going on. And I hate to close the door forever. Her son has no rights to his first born, she is ALL MINE! Please get out. I don’t want a relationship like this where my lover has to go out alone to be (alone) he says. She even admitted to several of us that she knows he will destroy her. We can't be with someone who calls us "crazy" and belittles and insults us. I’m finally going to court to get a notice served on him to leave my house after 4.5 years of hell. i was willling to not to get married and have baby with him now he got scared. It’s not your fault, and it’s not his fault. He never supports you — even with the little things. LW- It’s possible that your boyfriend dumped you for the exact reasons he gave, in which case, Regina Ray has given you some great advice. It sounds as though he may have pretty much given her the true reason couched in a way to not make the breakup her fault and to not say something that will deflate her ego or make her feel bad. .that was 6 monthsago and everything was ok for about 8 weeks. If your relationship ever gets physical its a sure sign to move on. I ended up in the mental health hospital as a result of a garbage marriage. You have to fix you. I can remember a few tearful conversations where he said he wasn’t good enough for me and I tried to convince him otherwise. It strips the unmotivated person in the relationship of their power, making them feel less-than-worthy, and in the process you lose the equality that’s critical to a healthy partnership.”. [Read: 13 secret signs your boyfriend’s still not over his ex], #9 He’s a smooth late night talker. Find out the root of their feelings, and try to be objective. You are successful and accomplished and maybe this is a good time to take some time for yourself and focus on doing things that YOU want to do. I do believe there is someplace that you can call just to speak with someone. Into the fair by coincidence we saw that guy that he was asking about. I have made many changes but still it is not to his satisfaction. I barley see my family when I do I get home and he has that awkward face again , I need a break and he always say why. October 20, 2011, 1:01 pm. Maybe you’ll eventually reconcile but it sounds like you’re so much better off without him. he lives each day as it comes. If your boyfriend or husband makes you feel bad about yourself. I used to ask myself is this the best God could do? He doesn’t trust me, he won’t forgive me for some of the things I’ve done, but he stayed through it all. He called me a sh*t bag yesterday. He blames you for his mistakes, shortcomings and failures at every chance he gets. If you aren’t being treated equally, it might be time to consider leaving him. Hi, been married 21 years, 4 kids, all boys, been a stay at home mom, two youngest are still in elementary school. Haha…..I’m going through this exact same situation right now…..he’s horrible! My daughter text and asked me for something and asked if I would leave it at the house and leave my key under the mat outside so she could come in and get it. I truly hate him right now, the words that he calls me HURTS!! I advised him that whilst he has now set up a new Super fund in his name only, through the eyes of the law, that is still partly hers too. Hi everyone I want to express my opinion about a bad relationship coz I was in it many time , i have love and broke up like 4 times i mean the deep love but I loved someone so deeply I can say nearly to be crazy ,I felt that I couldn’t live without him ,he was controlled fick he wanted to change me from whom I am everything from clothes until behavior even religion.

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