Resistance: 10K OHM The chorus on the MD-500 is incredible since it has all 4 types made from Boss in one small pedal and you can tweak patches and save dozens of presets for future recall. And the MXR EVH Phase 90? Which do you recommend out of the 3? The vibe sounds like the pedal’s out of tune or something, while the chorus/phase sounds like a phaser – not a chorus. I’ll check out the Boss! Specifications: I do not understand the setting description. Or do you change the rate or color for different songs? Do you know the FOXROX mod. It would seem that I have a unicorn hybrid V4/V5 Electric Mistress. Ideally I would like for my board to be able to replicate the Divsion Bell/Pulse era. Very similar to the ’74 reissue. Strangely enough, the schematics are extremely similair, and the Mooer also features the MN3007 BBD chip, which is found in the CE-2, but not in the CE-5 (Boss never used the MN3007 in their CE-5s, because of the higher battery drainage, they used MN3207 and MN3101 in the very first years of their production, and then they went digital. Do you know if those are two different pedals? I was looking at the CostaLab pedal, but can’t find one. I will make a maintenance to the amp, but i had been reading about a moddification on the phase 90 called R28 MOD that aparently gives you more of that script tone and handles better this problem with distortion. Anyway, I know the ultimate answer is really my own ears, but would appreciate your input too. Could be a Mistress there as well… sounds like it on the chorus sections. I would like to put one vote for the Ibanez sc10 super stereo chorus. On certain rigs this pedal can almost exactly nail it. I agree the Maxon is really great. Unlike overdrive, distortion and delay, a chorus or flanger can sound very dated and out of place if you use them too much or for the wrong reasons. I’ve tried it both ways, but when I but the Mistress first in the chain, it just sounds too dark and swirly, and when I put the it second in chain, it’s a bit too redundant. What modulation pedal do you think would get closest to the studio tone of A Great Day For Freedom? Althoug it is well constructed unity I confess I don’t like it very much with my Drivegate DG-1 or my Ram’s Head clone… but it’s fantastic for that Breathe tone! Thankfuly I rent it from a local store for a monthly fee. Every pedal you’ve chosen sound great but fuzz in particular, needs the right amp. Question about David’ use of modulation, do you mean he put them in the effect loop when you wrote this? Looking more at the Mooer myself but have you played with the CE-2B at all, or heard anything about it? Thanks as always They only started using that name again when the CE-5 came out. David used a whammy, Tube Driver and delay on Marooned. The current Deluxe has a bit too much mid range and low end, which makes it sound darker and not that suited for distortions. Where do you suggest is the best placement for the Svisound optical Tremelo Mark made me? Is it a better choice to order a Mooer eleclady? There's also a depth control to keep things in check at any speed Thanks! It creates a lush but not overpowering stereo effect that is different than a single rotary going back and forth. The new Ventilator II is also an option and it has a mix control. This is a Tremolo that utilizes a photoelectric circuit which sounds just like one of the tremolos you would find in vintage tube amps. I’m new on this website. You mentioned up above that the Mooer Ensemble King is based more on the CE-5 and not the CE-2. Can you recommend me a good one? [No worries, Kevin :) I see Amazon has them priced very low :) It’s a great unit and definitely worth the price! :D. Hey Bjorn!! The Mooer is an excellent pedal. Which gets closer, the EVH or script logo? Obviously, only you can decide which one you want or perhaps you want all three. The BYOC stereo Flanger and the Phase 90 clone are the two sweetest modulation pedals you could own! I’m also thinking about buying a Script Phase 90, but should I get the one with the LED or not (in Gilmourish tones, obviously). The input gain is nescessary if you wanna use any sort of higher output pickups… including emg’s. – Bjorn]. – Bjorn]. Hi Armin, it does’t really matter what I like or what score I give each pedal. First, congratulations for this website! Sounds like it could be a low mixed univibe. If you get a chance to play it, you should hear a liquidy, fairly bright flanging. The On an Island solos seem to have EHX DEM filter matrix color after the G-2 and TD. Who knows? EH Small Stone or MXR script with led? thanks for your answer, I think I’m gonna buy a vintage Electric Mistress . I use the 74 RI phase 90 before the amp and in the loop use an EQD Pyramids. I haven’t managed to make it work for simulating David’s rotary sounds. Also a volume knob so No Volume drop either. It kinda sounds like maybe vibe or the Yamaha’s but my ears are not properly trained to identify such things. Just wanted your take on it, is it a tone thing? Keep in mind though that the Pink Flesh is based on a Big Muff, which is a slightly different pedal than the conventional fuzz. Is it just the quality of the pedal? The other I set up last for a blues jam “grab & go” pedal. Thant’s the nature of the pedal. If either is a better bet than the new scripts, which would you go for? I assume you want to cover Gilmours tones but what era? I haven’t had the chance to check one out my self yet… – Bjorn], Hey Bjorn, just checked out the new b9 from EHX. Doesn’t sound like the bigger Deluxe. Get a range of different chorus tones with the CP-13 from subtle to all out crazy. The Ninety Orange is a very close clone of the script MXR Phase 90, with the same classic 4-stage vintage phase tone. If they’ve done an equally good job as the custom shop script 90 and 45 then I know I’m getting one :), Hi Bjorn! I’ve a question. Smaller amps/bedroom level: 10/10, BYOC Analog Chorus Power: 1/2W The Eleclady is an excellent clone and , IMO, a much better one than the Hartman. Suits Most Standard kno.. Click the button below to read more. if you do, what’s your opinion on them? A chorus is more generic, while a Leslie or a Leslie sim has more character and stands out more. It's basic controls allow you to find the right sound you want quickly and easily. The RT20 is a Leslie simulator so it doesn’t sound like a CE-2. I could watch these guys jam for another 10 minutes. Thanks for everything. There is definitely a difference in price and there is also a rare version of the CH-2 with a silver screw that goes for even more. I love it and it has a very unique tone. Smaller amps/bedroom level: 10/10, MXR Phase 90 block logo I always recommend to perform a setup at least twice a year. There are all kinds of different flangers and I love the true flanging too (as in tape flanging) like the MXR and those Van Halen jet-sounds. I’d actually go with the Orange Ninety from Mooer. The knobs are very similar to the old CE2 so the same setting would apply. 100% anolog BBD chips. Round Shaft Mind bending! Listening to the mix it’s also evident that the signal was compressed and probably gated a lot too in the mix. I always had my eye on a Uni-Vibe clone (your review of the Dry Bell did wonders), but after reading how you said that a 4-stage phaser could do all the Dark Side/WYWH tones, I think I’m leaning in that direction. I’ll just keep an eye out for one, then! Takes some time to dial in. I like to have phasers and UVs before dirt and flanger and chorus after. I do like that period also. (The first being an original MuTron Phazer II from the ’70’s, but it’s the size of a brick and pedalboard unfriendly. The RT-20’s overdrive must be completely off or it totally muddies everything up. I trust to have done a good choice based on your score of 10/10. [The best Mem Man option is by far the TRex Replica. That was a surprise; keep the good work!! With the EHDM I experienced a high loss of volume and I didn’t like its sound. And since i use my trex last in stereo to two amps i’m always testing new delay pedals to go in front of it. I have realized that this happends also with the amp without the effect but it is very very subtle, and with the effect the problem intensifies like 1000%! I forgot to say that I play a Blues Junior, but considering that’s a pretty bright amp, I’m sure the dark-ish pedal as you say shall go nicely with it. Seriously gassing for the EHX b9. Thanks. It’s not spot on, but unless we are using David’s exact gear it’s all an approximation. The amps has always been clean and he gets all his overdrive and distortion from pedals. Yep. But just wanted you to know what’s available. [Thanks for your kind words! Bjorn, I would like to bring into attention LongAmp Roxanne, clone of Electric Mistress/Hartma.   It’s that combo, between the twangy Tele, the mid range oriented and clean Hiwatt, the crisp attack from the Powerboost and the swoshy phase shifting from the Phase 90 that makes up that tone. Hi Rick. I’m running mine on 9V from a TRex Fuel Tank using a batter pad adapter chord. Really looking forward to the Buyer’s Guide update regarding Delays. Hey Bjorn. Compared to the CE2 this one’s got an overall warmer tone but also a bit more mid range giving it a slight volume boost when engaged.

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