What Can You Do At College Career Centers? If you want to pursue a Rhodes or a Fulbright, go and ask where you can find more information, and learn how to shape your college years in that direction. Like with your college application, you’ll want to demonstrate that you do more with your time than study. Please contact your college or university for assistance. I'm (or my recommender is) having trouble pasting my recommendation letter into the text fields. Amount: Covers tuition, accommodation, and a living/travel stipend for one year of post graduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Like naming a weakness about yourself, they’re looking for self-awareness of your flaws. The Mitchell Scholarship Program openly welcomes and encourages candidates of all ethnic, racial, religious, and political backgrounds to apply. Example: My camp counselor Kai was always someone I looked up to. The Mitchell Scholarship fit with my goals, and I fit logically within its criteria. Good luck with all future scholarship interviews! Please send comments or suggestions on accessibility to the site editor. To help you prepare your letter, you can browse the Mitchell Scholarship website as well as my sister webpage for students applying for the Mitchell: Visit Joe Schall’s website for students applying for the Mitchell Scholarship. In the two sample Mitchell Scholarship recommendation letters provided in the pdf link below, note how the first letter amplifies on the student as a leader enrolled in a graduate-level seminar, and how two full paragraphs are devoted to context for the student’s interest in Peace and Conflict Studies directly connected to “issues of gender and politics in Northern Ireland.” The letter does not skimp on detail about either the student or the political circumstances in Northern Ireland where the student aims to study. If you are selected as a Scholar, you will be required to submit a medical history and a medical examination form signed by a licensed medical doctor, who can attest to your ability to successfully complete the year abroad. Mitchell applicants may also apply for other awards, including the Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships. No. I was a candidate for the Mitchell Scholarship because I spent my college career combining passion with strategy. Housing during the academic year is provided by the universities on the island and they do not offer couple or family housing. Additionally, they specified that the mistake and lesson still have an impact in their daily life–it wasn’t a one-and-done lesson, it honestly changed their life. This open-ended question allows you to direct the conversation. The application must be completed online and submitted electronically once you have answered all the required questions. When I do something, I want to do it right, so I’m willing to put in the time and effort to see it through. In the case of a distinguished scholarship like the Mitchell, that means listing out in excruciating detail all of your accomplishments and how they lead toward some particular life goal. We understand that a company may be interested in a person with outstanding credentials whether or not that candidate meets the criteria of the Mitchell Scholarship Program. No. A finalist must be physically present for the Selection Committee interview in Washington, DC, in order to be considered. We do not allow more than the required four recommendations – it is more important to choose the people who you feel know you best and will provide the best recommendations. The Mitchell scholarship, ... Alliance advises prospective applicants that if they accept a final Mitchell interview, they must commit to accepting the scholarship if selected. Although there is no minimum GPA necessary for the Mitchell Scholarship applicant, an excellent undergraduate record and preparation for the proposed field of graduate study are vital to an applicant’s success. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. Is there a word limit for the institutional endorsement letter? Queen’s University in Belfast offered the context of post-conflict society, and the National University of Ireland in Galway is noted for its leadership in Human Rights Law. You do not have to complete the online application in one sitting; you may access, save, and continue work on your application as frequently as needed before submitting the application. I don't want to be perceived as braggy, insensitive, stuck-up, or otherwise unpleasant and full of myself. Yes. Yes, U.S. citizens who hold dual citizenship are eligible to apply provided they meet all other eligibility criteria. Kai’s enthusiasm and positivity made a huge impact on my childhood, and I hope I emulate that to the people around me. The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is committed to making its websites accessible to all users, and welcomes comments or suggestions on access improvements. For those who are not full-time students and have not been for the past year, at least one of the letters must be from someone with whom the applicant has done academic work. Each year, about 300 people apply – and up to 12 are selected – for an opportunity to study for a year at an Irish university under the programme, which is funded in part by the Department of Education. Does every applicant need to submit a letter of institutional endorsement? If a candidate is selected to be a Mitchell Scholar, the Mitchell Scholarship Program assigns the Scholar to a course of study and a university. That’s a good start for a narrative. Author: Joe Schall, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University. You definitely need to prepare for this. Instructions are provided and you will be given the opportunity to read boilerplate questions in order to test your video quality and Internet connection. The system may slow down when many applicants attempt to upload documents on the day of the deadline. If I learn more about the programs of study offered in Ireland or Northern Ireland after I submit my application, can I change my program preferences later in the process? Along with ten other American students, I spent the 2012-2013 academic year in Ireland and Northern Ireland pursuing Master’s degrees across all different subject areas. Throughout the application, I learned an incredible amount about writing a personal statement, organizing a CV, requesting letters of recommendation, and preparing for interviews. Yes. for your scholarship. Follow your passions and think strategically about what story you can tell of your college years. The Mitchell scholarship, which is managed by Trina Vargo, the head of the US-Ireland Alliance, was established almost 20 years ago and named after Senator George Mitchell. Save thousands with the right student loan! In addition to being grounded and forced to clean the windows on a Saturday, I was suspended from extracurricular activities, which meant I couldn’t go to baseball competitions with my team. (For a more involved answer, read our guide on what to say when you are asked why do you deserve this scholarship.). Give examples so that it’s not just you talking yourself up. An applicant who lists just one or two institutional preferences weakens his or her chances of selection as a Mitchell Scholar. Pathos (an emotional connection): In addition to the family connection, the student emphasizes that the campus felt like home and that they connected with the teaching staff. Interview. Here are ten of the most common scholarship interview questions. Has this always been your dream school? The scholarship provides airfare, tuition, fees, housing, and a stipend for living expenses. Example: Frustration is definitely something I’m trying to work on. You may opt in or out and your participation is completely optional and has absolutely no bearing on the success of your application for the Mitchell Scholarship. It started when I was studying Spanish in Guatemala the summer after my freshman year, and continued through a series of internships, volunteer positions, travel, community and political organizing, some strong friendships, and a Master’s thesis. If you’d told me at the beginning of the year I’d go to nationals and recite a poem in front of an auditorium of 10,000 people, I wouldn’t believe you. The website of the US-Ireland Alliance advises prospective applicants that if they accept a final Mitchell interview, they must commit to accepting the scholarship if selected. For Northern Ireland, Mitchell Scholars must secure their visas in advance of departing for their Mitchell year. Johnson Scholarships are awarded to approximately 10% of each entering class. The next day we were interviewed, and by that night we were notified of the selection. We will be happy to discuss ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accommodations for those who require them. Example: My ultimate goal is to own a farming operation. Financial need is not a factor in the selection process. Can a candidate pursue a graduate program in Ireland unrelated to his/her undergraduate major? A teacher? How will votes in the local elections influence next Dáil? If one of my recommenders does not have an email address, can he/she submit the recommendation through the mail? What You Can Do This Summer To Explore Careers, How to Answer the Most Common Scholarship Interview Questions. And it needs to fit you. All letters of recommendation must be submitted online. The deadline is hard and fast as the system will shut down at the time of the deadline. The forms must be completed and submitted to the Mitchell Scholarship Director by March 15 of the year of travel to the island of Ireland. Posting this makes me pretty uncomfortable for many reasons (for example, even if someone is standing while asking you questions, keep your eyes level or you'll look like a four year old), but it does show how excited I was... As a final quick comment for today, and in celebration of this two-year mark, I want to share one personal note with all of this: I think this is a feeling many people have, but it is one that I occasionally allow to hold me back and keep me quiet, instead of celebrating what I’ve done and who I am. No. He’s even a volunteer firefighter! Usually, the interviewers will know nothing about you, or they will know just a little. The Rhodes final interview is held on the same day as the Mitchell Scholarship interview, so it is not possible for a candidate to accept both a Rhodes and a Mitchell final interview. Did a family member also attend? Success isn’t something we should apologize for; we should use it as motivation and fuel for future work, and to support the success of others. I’ve already earned my scuba certification and have gone on a number of dives. Professional photography and storytelling services for nonprofits. They are giving you the opportunity to talk about anything you feel wasn’t sufficiently covered by the other interview questions. Why it Works: A specific example is key here. What if an applicant is only interested in one university? Because it is so broad, your first instinct might be to also answer broadly. Why it Works: Again, a specific example helps show the interviewer that this student isn’t just saying things. We are not asking complicated questions about nuclear fission, but we do expect you to be knowledgeable about major domestic and world events. Question: Tell us about yourself. The site editor may also be contacted with questions or comments about this Open Educational Resource. Applicants should list at least three different institutions and may list up to five. Trina Vargo, Founder & President, vargo@us-irelandalliance.org, Carolina Chavez, Director, George Mitchell Scholarship Program, chavez@us-irelandalliance.org, Watch US-Ireland Alliance Videos on our YouTube Channel. Your email address will not be published. Faculty and fellowship offices at an applicant's current college or university may also provide guidance. After submission, you will only have access to the application status page, where you can monitor your recommendation and endorsement letter submissions. Example: Ever since my cousin was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, I’ve wanted to become a pediatrician. Some US colleges/universities provide funding for travel expenses – please check with your institution. Suzanne Lynch’s US Election Diary: When will Biden declare victory, how will Trump respond?

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