The question has been posted online concerning the hole in the blade. It's portable and extremely light weight, two important features for edc. There are ridges as well as a checkerboard pattern surrounding the knife handle, leaving almost no room for slippage. Keep in mund that my review is has the price of the knife brought into consideration. It has a plastic feel to it, so buyers tend to think that it cheapens the overall appearance and quality of the knife. Tanto has never been a blade I've preferred, but the option is available. That's the quick and dirty, there's more to it of course. If you have experience sharpening knives it won't be a problem to put a good edge back on the Mini Griptilian, however for some it could be an issue. This smaller version of the Griptilian makes for a great discreet EDC. The fiberglass handle is plastic-like and there could be some play in the movement of the blade. For its compact size, this little knife is long-lasting, durable, strong, flexible, easy to use, purposeful, and comfortable to hold. It does not lock shut, so it can be opened easily and quickly with just one hand. I would reccomend a mini-griptillian to anybody looking for a a 80-90 dollar knife. The Benchmade Mini Griptilian knife is best used for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities, but is equally at home with detailed work, whittling, slicing, and for gift giving. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife Made in USA with CPM-S30V Steel, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Satin Finish, Black Handle at There are certain textures or materials (such as cardboard) that are more difficult to cut through than others.​, The pocket clip included with the knife is also fairly large and a bit too strong at first. The strong and colorful nylon handle is glass-filled to be attractive and unlike any other type of pocket knife that you may have had in the past because of the eye-pleasing appearance. This version is an improvement to a previous model to better please customers with the greater materials and technology that this well-known company possesses. It is a general purpose, sheepsfoot blade type that is perfect for slicing, everyday use, hard jobs, whittling of large cuts, and detailed work. Overall I cannot find too many shortcomings. The rating for this version is almost the same for all products, but the Mini Griptilian is more expensive than the Dragonfly. 154cm isn't the easiest blade steel to sharpen, something to consider might be a good knife sharpening system if your new to it. They are used by everyone from stay-at-home moms to special ops dads, which means they need to be versatile as well a great value. It is quite the little dynamo knife that you want to have with you always. I originally published this review in 2012. The AXIS lock is completely ambidextrous and exceptionally strong, so there are no hand preferences in using this. You just need one hand to open or close this manual knife that locks into place once the blade it extended. Yes most knives have them, but I almost never see them utilized by folks. The Mini Griptilian has more reviews than the Griptilian 551 Knife, the Spyderco Black/Camo, and the Spyderco Dragonfly models. It is rust-resistant and made of tough stainless-steel with a hole in the blade for great thumb leverage. Standard colors are blue, pink, black, olive, sand and yellow. When slicing or pulling the blade from the handle, this simple hole makes using the knife much safer and easier. The customizable aspects of the knife make it appealing to a variety of knife users, and the size is perfect for almost anyone. Offered with a plain or serrated edge, the blade is less than three inches long, and the whole knife weighs just 2.88 ounces. I like a small loop of para-cord to help pull the knife from my pocket. The blade is slightly less than 3 inches, and the total length of the knife when closed is only 3.87 inches. Outdoor activities, backpacking, and camping purposes are the most ideal settings for using such a knife that is compact and does not add hardly any weight to the backpack that must be carried on foot. The Mini Griptilian is made to last for many years of regular and rough use to satisfy any user. Collectors, first responders, and even tactical elite operators depend on their, Comfortable to use, hold, and bring anywhere since it has good handle grips, the Mini Griptilian has a design that is lighter and smaller than most other knives of the same type. The sturdy handle of this terrific item is shaped well for the hand to grip and hold, plus it is hard and light. Blade. There are thumb studs on either side of the blade, making it easy for a righty or lefty to open the blade. However, do not underestimate its power because of the small and compact size. The short and compact blade should not be underestimated because it is powerful and strong. It is more economical than the other two items, however. This is the kind of knife you can carry and get a lot of use out of, as it is easy to use and will certainly come in handy. The rust-resistant and tough blade of stainless steel maintains a good edge always and comes to you very sharp and ready to go. Many people say that they like the, Used by left-handed and right-handed people equally well, the Mini Griptilian is an ambidextrous product that can be used terrifically by anyone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

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