The vast majority of applicants begin with a heartfelt personal anecdote. Advice for writing a Marshall personal statement Given how intelligent, imaginative, and remarkable most applicants for the Marshall are, it’s surprising how similar their personal statements tend to look. Marshall Scholarship Personal Statement Essay I grew up in Oakland County, a predominantly white suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Evaluation of Two Sets of Sample Marshall Scholarship Application Essays. The first set of Marshall essays in the pdf below takes an interestingly creative approach, with the writer describing himself as a “biological anthropologist by day” and a “philosopher by night” in the personal statement. Marshall Scholarship Personal Statement Essay In the sixth grade, I took a test to see if I was left- or right-brained. To my elementary eyes, the result of that quiz would be the truth from on high—a resolute word that would define the man to come as either analytic or artistic. Scholarship personal statement. It and a handful other counties circling Detroit are largely the result of the white flight spurred by the city’s 1960s race riots. From this anecdote they The Marshall Scholarship is awarded for two statements of study in any discipline, usually at the graduate level, and is tenable at any British university. Sample Marshall Scholarship Proposed Academic Programme Essay — Student #1 At the University of Leeds I propose to pursue a research MPhil in the history and Of these scholarships, more than half typically have a personal GPA.

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