Every surficial drainage system is unique and as different from the others as the variation between individual people.

Counties : Scotland Robeson Columbus Brunswick Hoke Moore Richmond Montgomery Bladen The river basin is between the Cape Fear Basin and the

Soon after crossing into South Carolina, the Lumber River flows into the Little Pee Dee River, which flows into the Pee Dee River, or Great Pee Dee River.

Privacy Policy. These channels are usually clay bound along one or more sides and are very high so that they are not over-topped during normal flooding conditions. In addition, it is the only blackwater river in North Carolina to be designated as a National Wild and Scenic River by the Department of Interior.

It has over 2200 miles of streams and over 9800 acres of freshwater lakes and ponds. Lumber River State Park (above).

The topography of each basin determines the area that it drains, and whether that water - from creeks, rivers, springs, and aquifers - flows into the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico.

It combines a hydrologically functional site design with pollution prevention measures to compensate for land development impacts on hydrology and water quality. The river's headwaters are known as Drowning Creek; the waterway known as the Lumber River extends from the Scotland County-Hoke County border 115 miles downstream to the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

European settlers first called the river Drowning Creek, which still is the name of its headwater. The bottomland hardwood forests of the Lumber River are unique in the Carolinas in containing abundant Atlantic white cedar and live oaks, along with the more typical laurel and overcup oak and loblolly pine.

It encompasses all of the land surface dissected and drained by many streams and creeks that flow downhill into one another, and eventually into one river. The Lumber River is one of the state’s four Natural and Scenic Rivers, and an 81-mile portion of the river is designated a National Wild and Scenic River. The river has always been known to local American Indians as the Lumbee.

The Waccamaw River flows from Lake Waccamaw, the most biologically diverse lake in North Carolina and one of the most species-rich lakes in the Western hemi sphere. Within the portions of the antecedent floodplain where the underlying Cretaceous Period Formation is topographically high, the channel is incised into the rock and forms the straight, wide, and deep rock-bound river segments. This basin covers approximately 3,336 square miles.

Water Quality tests on the Lumber River have shown adequate oxygen levels for the variety of fish, alligator and other wildlife that call the Lumber River Basin home. Soon after crossing into South Carolina, the Lumber River flows into the Little Pee Dee River, which flows into the Pee Dee River, or Great Pee Dee River. What type of sediment is along the banks of the shoreline here? WASHINGTON — The Lumber River Basin is one area of North Carolina that will be studied with the goal of reducing flood and storm damage around the state’s rivers and beaches.

However, this valley fill does not all represent modern floodplain and can be further subdivided into the Pleistocene and Holocene period units. The Lumber River Basin is a rich ecological expanse of flat land, gently rolling hills and swamp waters. The Lumber River Basin is situated high and along the axis of the mid-Carolina Platform High with no Tertiary units of Paleocene through Miocene age occurring within the region.

All of these wetland habitats are characterized by high water tables and organic-rich soils overlying clay-based sediments. Most Tertiary units occur as a seaward thickening sedimentary wedge deposited off the northeast flank of the Cretaceous units. It's located in North Carolina, United States.This is the lower terminus of the upper section of the Lumber River, Natural and Scenic River.

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