At this time Aquitaine included Burgundy and the Spanish March; however, it was in no sense independent of the overlordship of Charlemagne. - Definition, Structure & History, The Holy Roman Empire: Politics & Religion, The Medieval Warm Period and New Agricultural Technologies, Feudalism Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts, Spread of Christianity in Medieval Europe, The Byzantine Empire: History, Culture & Timeline, The Struggle of the Orders: Plebeians and Patricians, African Cultures: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, Tokugawa Shogunate: History, Economy, Facts & Timeline, Humanism in the Renaissance: Recognizing the Beauty of the Individual, Medieval Trial by Ordeal: Definition & History, Christianity in Europe: History, Spread & Decline, Western Civilization I: Certificate Program, HSC Ancient History: Exam Prep & Syllabus, Western Civilization 1648 to the Present: Help and Review, CLEP Western Civilization I: Study Guide & Test Prep, ACCESS World History: Online Textbook Help, Western Civilization Since 1648: Homework Help Resource, CLEP Western Civilization II: Study Guide & Test Prep, Michigan Merit Exam - Social Studies: Test Prep & Practice, History 100: Western Civilization from Prehistory to Post-WWII, Western Europe Since 1945: Certificate Program, Western Civilization From 1648 to Today: Certificate Program, Biological and Biomedical In order to achieve this goal, Louis called two councils at Aachen, the first in 816 and the second in 817. What are the names of the three sons of Louis the Pious? Encyclopedia of World Biography. ." . In 806 Louis, along with his brothers, Charles and Pepin, was assigned to his inheritance, being designated king of Aquitaine. Between 806 and the death of Charlemagne in 814, Charles and Pepin died, leaving Louis, the least aggressive and warlike of the three, as the sole heir to the empire. . Of particular importance, because it was later widely enforced, was the legislation concerning canonical life, the Canones, or Instituta patrum. Aside from his reliance on ecclesiastical advisers, Louis took further steps to place himself under the protection and approval of the Church. Earlier Carolingian reforms dealing with the Church had been primarily educational and institutional. All rights reserved. World Encyclopedia. Because of disunity among his sons, Louis soon regained his crown, but a second revolt occurred in 832. Who was Hillary Clintons running mate in the 2008 presidential elections? Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. Louis' father was Charlemagne, the founder of the Carolingian Empire who greatly expanded the Frankish realms.

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