During the 17th century, much of it started to decay and a …  • Menthon-Saint-Bernard  • Caïx  • Busset  • Murol  • Vézins, Aurignac  • Dieppe  • Joux While this castle is lavish in itself, what really draws in visitors are the gardens (sensing a theme here?).  • Launac  • Carbonat The day trip includes luxury round-trip transportation, admission to both castles and an audio guide at each location.  • Calmont d'Olt  • Combourg  • Igornay From Paris, you can take the metro to one of the three train stations, the closest being Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche (RER C Line).  • Parthenay  • Sévérac This hot air balloon experience starts in Amboise, and will give you stunning views of Château d’Amboise as well as the surrounding areas in the Loire.  • La Motte-Glain  • Wangen In addition to its incredibly long and rich history, Château Chaumont is the perfect destination for family days out in France. It’s easily accessible by car as it’s just over 200 kilometers from Paris and 35 kilometers from Tours. Once you arrive, you’ll have to hop on the Ligne 1 bus that’s bound for Les Lilas and get off at the Château stop.  • le Moulin  • Olivet Antique painting collection | Private suites | Reading room. It’s connected to major French cities by the TGV, so you’ll have no problem coming from places like Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, or Bordeaux.  • Plessis-Bourré  • Bernstein  • Bidache  • Celle-Guenand By Public Transport: Hop on a train to the Carcassonne train station that was built in 1913. Travel Tip: For a hassle-free way to visit Mont-Saint-Michel, consider taking a coach day trip from Paris.  • Charry While walking the grounds, you’ll have the opportunity to plug into the immersive soundtrack (a mix between an audio guide and musical experience) that’s included in the price of admission, dress yourself in traditional garb from the period, and check out the collection of vintage cars housed in the castle’s former stables.  • Fayet  • la Brède Besides the ancient history that accompanies this castle, you should walk through the wondrous gardens of this chateau, which was named one of the Notable Gardens of France by the French Ministry of Culture.  • Gageac The shuttle is available from April to November, and runs every day during July and August.  • Bayard (Pontcharra)  • Saint-Jean-du-Marché, Beaumont-le-Richard  • Gizeux It’s only 20 minutes from the airport and 40 kilometers from the heart of Paris.  • Brie-Comte-Robert  • Lacassagne  • Moyen What a perfect way to spend a beautiful summer day! It can be very challenging to determine which castles in France are worth the visit and which should be skipped (although in my opinion, it’s never a waste to visit any castles!).  • Cujalais Ornate gold furniture lines the rooms, with colorful canopies and chandeliers dripping in crystals hanging just above your head. Getting there takes between four and a half to five hours by car, but you’re sure to see some beautiful landscapes along the way!  • Malbrouck Click to find out more about us and how we've turned this travel blog into a business.  • Frontenay  • Saint-Thamar  • Marthon  • Albon While you’re there, be sure to stop by the famed Hall of Mirrors and visit some of the 2,300 rooms that make up the compound! Learn more about the hot air balloon flight here.  • Bouttavant  • Longwy  • Montsoreau Dating back to 1230, this castle has a long and winding history that’s sure to blow your mind as you weave your way through its staircases, gardens and watchtowers.  • la Reine Blanche  • Wineck, Auberoche  • La Rochecourbon  • Puy du Fou  • Regnéville  • Corcelles-en-Beaujolais  • Nemours  • Sou  • Saint-Élix-le-Château  • Marigny  • La Napoule Both will lead you to Saint-Pierre-des-Corps in Tours where you can hop on another train. Although it had been uninhabited for some time, it has been maintained to look as if the family vacated the property just recently!  • Passy-les-Tours Tell me how it could get any better than that.  • Vogüé, Adhémar Take a train to Pontorson, where there is a shuttle bus that will take you directly to the island.  • Galié  • Villandraut, Labrit  • Cuzorn  • Wildenstein  • Pibrac You can hop on at the Onzain or Blois station, and there’s also a shuttle that goes back to the stations from the castle as well.  • Fère-en-Tardenois  • Couzan  • Turenne  • Condat  • Montbrun  • Saint-Paul-d'Oueil Amboise is a particularly special French castle as it was frequented by many important literary and artistic figures in France.  • Châlus-Chabrol  • Puilaurens  • la Roche  • Faucigny If this is what living in the 18th century looked like, let me just rewind a few centuries because I want to make this place my home.  • la Guyonnière  • Lagarde  • Ham  • Noirmoutier After graduating college, Jane knew she wasn't destined for a desk job.  • Châteaubriant  • Hohlandsbourg  • Pouancé Spend a day wandering around the different rooms or taking in the stunning sights from one of the many balconies or gardens. This is a glorious place to visit if you’re around Paris and looking for a quick day trip.  • Ringelstein (Grand)  • Vixouze, Artias  • Entrechaux If no article appears in either English or French Wikipedias, a link is given to an external website.  • Sancerre, Azay-le-Ferron  • Largoët  • Vendôme, Beaugency It’s connected to major French cities by the TGV, so you’ll have no problem coming from places like Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, or Bordeaux. Highlights: French gardens | Prehistoric museum and caves.  • Bouvées  • le Boy No matter what you do here, you can’t go wrong!  • Arzens  • Tournon  • Saint-Élix-Séglan  • Carcassonne  • Petite-Pierre This French castle was the model for the famous character’s home in his comic books.  • Montbéliard  • Sassy An easy 50 kilometers from Paris, this château is surprisingly easy to get to and will provide you with a day of fun.  • Coussac-Bonneval [1] If you’re not driving around on your French holiday, you can hop on the Fil Bleau shuttle bus from Tours during July and August.  • Beaufort  • Montbazon  • de La Coste Highlights: Hall of Mirrors | Palace gardens | Insanely luxurious interior decor.  • la Palice  • Ingrandes  • Solidor Tower  • Ramstein  • Grand-Arnsberg  • Besançon  • Brosse  • Montmelas There’s even a museum on-site depicting this history, as well as caves in the forest that you’re able to visit as well.  • Marigny (Fleurville)  • Mornas  • Rully Because it’s such a popular tourist destination, it’s important to plan your trip to Mont-Saint-Michel ahead of time and buy your tickets in advance. Driving is fairly easy, but be sure to watch out for crazy rush hour traffic!  • Château-sur-Epte  • Lagrange-Monrepos  • Lourmarin  • Merle  • Corbelin  • Auzon  • Montcornet, Belvoir  • Rocamadour It’s called the Toucs and easily gets you to the Bastide Saint-Louis during the summer.  • Tonquédec, Bertheaume By Car: Because this castle is located so close to Paris, it’s exceptionally easy to get to, being only an easy 50-kilometer drive.  • Fleckenstein  • Matval  • Vernon (Archives), Arques-la-Bataille  • Rohan (Mutzig) There is so much to see in Versailles that it’s hard to list everything.  • Chandioux  • Chazay  • Niort  • la Caze  • Dreistein  • Chavaniac  • Barbezieux  • Hâ (Bordeaux)  • Belcastel  • Meung-sur-Loire  • Lavardin  • Lutzelhardt  • Thorigné-en-Charnie, Apremont  • Jully  • Labastide By Public Transport: Get on a train destined for Montargis Sens, Montereau, or Laroche-Migennes and get off at the Fontainebleau-Avon station. Another stunning castle in the Loire Valley is Chaumont Sur Loire.

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