Were you at a desperate part of your life or was it a result of a lifelong spiritual yearning? So satisfied and still wanting more PKM: In 1965 you went to play England and you met the Beatles and the Stones. ‘RED FLAME’: KAREN ELSON, MODEL, MUSICIAN & MUSE, DIANE DI PRIMA: HER LIFE AS A BEATNIK AND WOMAN, IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY: THE ORIGINAL LINDA LAFLAMME REMEMBERS. The play we were assigned took place in Italy so Camilla suggested we visit the Los Angeles Museum of Art. And she follows you down for the kill Roger McGuinn: I did see Dylan at Gerde’s and the ladies liked him. Were they really like that? Roger McGuinn: My music teacher at the Latin School of Chicago was Louise Ganter. I have always loved the songs of the sea and I kind of relive the lyrics when I’m on the sea. We weren’t sure of our future at that point. Roger McGuinn: We went on stage with a sincere love of country music and were misunderstood. It was heartbreaking! How much did the Beatles influence the early Byrds, even in terms of calling yourself the Byrds? Were you pissed to find him fiddling around with your axe? Is it inspiration or perspiration? Talk about your near visitation in Malibu. Were you practicing Subud up until you met her? That said my song “Car Phone” from Back From Rio is based on real conversations. And she follows you down for the kill Your guitar playing emulated the free form jazz stylings of Coltrane. It sounded British. And he also told you to lose the Rickenbacker guitar. And you feel like the King of the Hill Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Is it true that after you lost your precious glasses in the Bahamas, Paul told you not to replace them? Everything from the beat to the hair to the clothes were inspired by them. So, it was a delight to reconnect with Roger and get him to reminisce about his early folk days in Chicago, the formation of the Byrds, and his solo career. Wasn’t he a major influence on you years later when you went solo and introduced an element of storytelling in your sets? PKM: In 1967, you joined an obscure eastern religious group named Subud and changed your name from Jim to Roger. He was sabotaging your style and your sound! Add to Collection Add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist. What was that experience like? I got my name in the credits but no screen time. But my interactions with him are usually quite normal. I was sharing a mic with this guy and we were both looking at each other as if to say, “Who are you?” It turned out to be Willie Nelson. “Didn’t we meet you in a bar last night?” I said, “This is Chicago.” Alex said, “Well that’s OK, we are recording an album for RCA in June and at least we’d like to have you on that.”. Roger McGuinn: I have always wanted the kind of relationship I have with Camilla. A man of true peace. What was he like then? Roger McGuinn: Well it sounded better with Gram Parsons than just Chris, Kevin and me. You seem to always want a domestic situation with a woman. Tennessee Williams?”. Did you know she would be the one, was it love at first sight? They deemed the song too catchy, with authorities in wartime Britain concerned that factory workers would be distracted if they heard it during a shift. Roger McGuinn: I did meet Lenny and his mother during the Crescendo. We were a young band with a very limited repertoire. We’ve had vaudeville, Roaring Twenties music, 30s and 40s crooners, Country, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and so on. It was fascinating to eavesdrop on people’s conversations until digitalization wiped our fun away. I remember walking west on Bleecker Street and hearing a couple of club owners point to me and say, “We need four of him.” I knew I was onto something then! And a white, blinding light makes it all seem so right PKM: Then when you get back, Chris quits the band after fighting with your manager. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ll never forget the first portable cell phone you schlepped around in a huge attaché case. The “greed is good” era of the 80s was ending, and a figure of the 60s was going to be the one to point it out. I had a great time hanging out with Mick Ronson and Kinky Friedman. He had his travel agent book all of our flights and hotels but we were not experienced enough to confirm the reservations, so all the hotel dates were one day off. Did you see evidence of his future greatness then? Wish we could all follow his lead! How did that happen? Ah, you feel like the King of the Hill The Fish got us on a chartered DC-3 to get us out of the country. My agent, Ron Rainey, booked me on a solo tour starting in Canada. Was that true? McGuinn playing banjo backup to the Chad Mitchell Trio on a “Folk Medley”: PKM: On a tour with Chad Mitchell, you opened for Lenny Bruce at the Crescendo in L.A. Did you hang with Lenny? He was in a panic the day he walked off the plane bound to New York where I told him “if you can’t fly, you can’t be a Byrd.”. It’s like you’ve put the Old Town School of Folk Music online and are celebrating your roots in music. Hanging out in London with the Stones, before the trip, you guys go to Stonehenge with the Stones. I was always in awe of Michael’s wide range of knowledge about esoteric things. So, I went along with Chris and Gram and fell in love with country music. But you miss the ball in that room down the hall King Of The Hill (Early take (with Roger McGuinn)—November 23, 1987) by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Ft. Roger McGuinn) Back From Rio Roger McGuinn 1. But he brought me a script from Jackie Cooper. PKM: How much of your signature sound was developed back in Chicago? PKM: Not everybody loved your inventiveness. PKM: What was the group dynamic of the Byrds at this point? Roger McGuinn: Gram was going to do the South African tour until the Stones gave him an out. Too much record company pressure to get hits, rat race tours, no sleep, and ultimately no royalties? Tom Paxton in an article in the folk magazine Sing Out! I’ll be your roadie.”. The Limeliters sent me a plane ticket. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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