Mohammad Ayub Khan and Noam Ebner (Eds.). Patricia Bou-Franch and Pilar Garces-Conejos Blitvich. USC Annenberg Press, Critical Reflections on the Conceptual Framing of International Communication, Political Power Sharing and Crosscutting Media Exposure: How Institutional Features Affect Exposure to Different Views, A Click Is Worth a Thousand Words: Probing the Predictors of Using Click Speech for Online Opinion Expression, Intersectional English(es) and the Gig Economy: Teaching English Online, Chinese Automated Journalism: A Comparison Between Expectations and Perceived Quality, Assessing Digital Threats to Democracy, and Workable Solutions: A Review of the Recent Literature, The Emerging Institutionalization of Global Internet of Things Governance: A Network Approach, Digital Traces of “Twitter Revolutions”: Resistance, Polarization, and Surveillance via Contested Images and Texts of Occupy Gezi, Journalistic Coverage of Organized Crime in Mexico: Reporting on the Facts, Security Protocols, and Recurrent Subthemes, The Black Box and Japanese Discourses of the Digital, Manager–Employee Communication in the #MeToo Era: The Role of Gender Similarity and Context Ambiguity in Ethical Leadership, Political Party Identification and Intergroup Attitudes: Exploring the Effects of Mediated and Direct Contact With the Opposing Party During a Presidential Campaign, “I Like That It’s My Choice a Couple Different Times”: Gender, Affordances, and User Experience on Bumble Dating, Subaltern Agency in the Cultural Industries: Palestinian Creative Labor in the Israeli Series Fauda, The Elusiveness of Communicative Influence: How Key Socializers Influence Adolescents’ Proenvironmental Engagement, Party Populism and Media Access: The News Value of Populist Communication and How It Is Handled by the Mass Media, Incorporating Communication Factors in the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Chinese University Students’ Intention to Consume Genetically Modified Foods, Effects of Media Companies’ Organizational Nature and Journalists Autonomy and Position on Internal and External Influences: Evidence From Spain, Differentiated Information Flows: Social Media Curation Practices in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, Organizations’ Dialogic Social Media Use and Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder Targeting and Message Framing, Taking the Reparatory Turn at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, “I Don’t Use the Internet”: Exploring Perceptions and Practices Among Mobile-Only and Hybrid Internet Users. It was established in 1951 and the current editor-in-chief is R. Lance Holbert (Temple University). Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| The Everything-ness and the More-ness of the Internet: How Digital Is Different From Other Media, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| The Image of Turkish Women as the Antithesis of the Ottoman Past: Representations of Women in the Newspapers of the Early Republican Era, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Cinema Has Split the Girl’s Soul Into Pieces: Scrutinizing Representations of Women in Films From Turkey, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Gender in Turkey’s Islamic-Oriented Self-Help Literature: Constructing Self-Regulating Female Subjectivity, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| “The Public Immoralist”: Discourses of Queer Subjectification in Contemporary Turkey, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| The Politicization of Rape as a Consequence of Western Modernity and Religious Conservatism: Competing Media Narratives on Gender, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Use of Social Media in the Struggle Surrounding Violence Against Turkish Women, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Voices Against Misogyny in Turkey: The Case of a Successful Online Collective Action Against a Sexist Commercial, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Framing the Alimony Debates in Turkey: Struggle Between Feminist and Antifeminist Discourses to Represent “Women’s Rights”, Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Refiguring the Aerial in Human Rights Activism: The Case of the Palestinian-Bedouin Village of al-Araqib, Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Challenges in Codifying Events Within Large and Diverse Data Sets of Human Rights Documentation: Memory, Intent, and Bias, Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| The “Image-as-Forensic-Evidence” Economy in the Post-2011 Syrian Conflict: The Power and Constraints of Contemporary Practices of Video Activism, Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| The Augmented Archive: History in Real Time. How Poll Reporting Affects Perceptions of Media Bias and Presumed Voter Behavior, Facebook Not Statebook: Defining SNS Diplomacy with Four Modes of Online Diplomatic Participation, Doubt Versus Trust: Framing Effects of the News About the 2018 Trump‒Kim Jong Un Summit in Singapore on American College Students, Developing a Mediation Model for Narrative Evidence Processing Based on Social-Cognitive Variables and Agency-Based Cultural Exemplars, Cross-Media Usage Repertoires and Their Political Impacts: The Case of China, From Disenchantment to Reenchantment: Rural Microcelebrities, Short Video, and the Spectacle-ization of the Rural Lifescape on Chinese Social Media, Historiography of Korean Esports: Perspectives on Spectatorship, A Model of Social Eavesdropping in Communication Networks, Examining Factors Associated With Facebook Use Among Sheltered Homeless in Hawai'i, Capturing Citizens’ Opinions Through a Combination of Survey and Online Social Data, Source Interests, News Frames, and Risk Delineation: A Content Analysis of U.S. Newspapers’ Coverage of Genetically Modified Food (1994–2015), Participation and Transmediality: Audience Influence on Web Series, Discourse of Practice: The Negotiation of Sexual Norms Via Online Religious Discourse, How Combining Terrorism, Muslim, and Refugee Topics Drives Emotional Tone in Online News: A Six-Country Cross-Cultural Sentiment Analysis, Intermedia Reliance and Sustainability of Emergent Media: A Large-Scale Analysis of American News Outlets’ External Linking Behaviors, “He and the Paper Had Merged Into One”: An Analysis of the Coverage of the Death of Israeli Journalists, Social Media News Consumption and Opinion Polarization on China’s Trade Practices: Evidence from a U.S. National Survey, Refugees and National Identity in Letters to the Editor, Are Netflix and Spotify Subscribers More Likely to Pay for Online News? Media Framing of Kim Jong-un’s Images in South Korean and U.S. Newspapers, Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| What’s Going on in the Korean Peninsula? Digital Gender Disidentifications: Beyond the Subversion Versus Hegemony Dichotomy and Toward Everyday Gender Practices, Russiagate, WikiLeaks, and the Political Economy of Posttruth News, A Time-Series Analysis of Public Diplomacy Expenditure and News Sentiment: A Case Study of the U.S.–Japan Relationship, Faces of Biased Selectivity: A Latent Profile Analysis to Classify News Audiences and Their Selection Biases in the U.S. and UK, When Survey Respondents Cheat: Internet Exposure and Ideological Consistency in the United States, Conspiracy, Religion, and the Public Sphere: The Discourses of Far-Right Counterpublics in the U.S. and South Korea, Understanding the Negative Consequences of Watching Social Live Streaming Among Chinese Viewers, News-Sharing Repertoires on Social Media in the Context of Networked Authoritarianism: The Case of Turkey, “We Decided We Don’t Want Children. I'm very happy and honored to take on the position of editor-in-chief of JCM, which is a high … JoC publishes the best scholarship on all aspects of communication research. A Comparative Study of 46 Countries. Pablo J. Boczkowski and C. W. Anderson (Eds.). The International Journal of Communication is proud to be indexed on the following indexing sources: According to the latest statistics from Google Scholar, IJoC ranks 3rd among all Humanities, Literature & Arts journals, and 5th among Communication journals.

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