The previous years' results are included in the data set for easy tracking. "The average peak connection speed is more representative of Internet connection capacity. Here we take a closer look at how average broadband speeds by global region, along with the fastest and slowest in each. As always, the relative positions in the global league table should be the focus, rather than the absolute numbers. Gibraltar covers a tiny area – the British Overseas Territory is just 6.7km squared. The region as a while has an average speed of 49.29Mbps. The global average download speed has gone from about 9Mbps in 2017 to just over 11Mbps in 2019. The region has an overall average of 12.59Mbps. Average speed rankings by country are a great starting point for deeper research and statistical analysis of the state of broadband using M-Lab's global broadband measurement datasets. The average global broadband speed measured during the period from 30 May 2017 to 29 May 2018 was 9.10Mbps – a rise of 23.35%. If you wish to see the original press release for this research, you can download both the UK and international variants here as a PDF. Lithuania (56.63Mbps, 29th), and Latvia (52.32Mbps, 35th) followed behind fairly closely. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. This is the fourth year running we have undertaken this research. She oversees and coordinates coverage of the news and ideas in partnership with writers across the continent. Five countries were measured in Northern America, all of which were in the top half of the table. We won't share your postcode The bottom 100 countries have increased their average broadband speed by 62.54%. Cable is operated and owned by Existent Ltd # Global Passport Ranking, 2020 Taiwan and Singapore top the list of the countries and territories with the fastest internet speeds in the world – the United States is at 15th place and the United Kingdom at 33rd in the ‘Global League’ rankings. Northern Africa recorded the lowest overall internet speeds as a collective region, with all six qualifying countries in the bottom half of the table. When you click the “Show more info” button, you can see your upload speed … When it comes to internet provision, the situation varies both by country and region. Internet speed measurements in the report are from requests to Akamai's platform. Jersey is the first jurisdiction in the world to make pure fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. The slowest three were Bosnia and Herzegovina (15.66Mbps, 88th), Albania (12.36Mbps, 104th), and North Macedonia (11.48Mbps, 109th). Speak to tech support to see what they can do, or look up any guides from your local ISP on speed improvements. This includes country name, its ranking out of the 221 countries measured, its mean average download speed, and how long it would take to download a 5GB HD movie using this average speed.

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