This can seem like a big choice but it only minimally affects the game. 1080p at low quality isn't really viable on either one, though AMD makes a better go at it with a 25fps average. Once you upgrade your spear, you’ll get access to a second melee ability wheel. In this quick guide, we're going to go over everything that you need to know. I had a big one that nearly messed up my entire save. MSI RTX 2080 Duke 8G OC Prefer to buy a prebuilt than building it yourself? ): This is supposed to affect the detail of water, but turning it down consistently improved performance on both the test GPUs. If you have a good but not extreme graphics card, like a GTX 1070 or similar, I'd suggest aiming for 1080p very high as a better target for smooth performance, or maybe even the high preset. Anyway, the 2400G is faster than i3-8300 at the other settings but falls behind at 4k. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey marks the franchise’s transition into a full-blown role-playing game. Well, let me tell you about Hero Strike. Assassin's Creed Odyssey supports a resolution modifier, which can be set as low as 50 percent within the game. Environment Texture Detail (<2 percent): Uses higher resolution textures for the environment, which requires more VRAM, though 6GB is enough for ultra. Instead of getting a duplicate item, your existing legendary equipment will simply upgrade to your current level. This isn’t just to let you know how much stuff there is; if you complete the checklist, you will get extra experience. Alexios and Kassandra can both romance the same characters, and even if you fail hooking up with your special so-and so, you often have chances to meet them again. (~$750/£750) - A good entry-level system. Sync points don’t just give you a gorgeous view of the region; they also act as your fast travel locations. Headshots are extremely powerful, especially once you learn how to craft special arrows like the extra strong Death Arrows. The RX 570 and above break 60fps at last, but quite a few cards—including budget offerings like the GTX 1050 and RX 560—come up short. Another minimal drop in performance. But no matter what, Assassin damage will be way higher than the other two. It's telling—and honestly sad—that so many major publishers continue to push 30fps at "recommended" settings on PC. Scout out bases. Aside from story and quest completion, just about all of the progress that you've made in Assassin's Creed Odyssey carries over to NG+. But benchmarking with the 14 individual settings at minimum and calculating their product only gives a theoretical 60 percent improvement. Thanks, MSI! Environment Details (3 percent): Improves the quality of the environment. MSI RTX 2080 Ti Duke 11G OC Visually, there's not much difference between the very high and ultra presets, but very high runs about 20-30 percent faster (more on GPUs with less than 6GB VRAM). The RTX 2080 Ti takes top honors, naturally, with an average framerate of 54fps. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Assassin's Creed Odyssey is on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC available on physical package and digital downloads. It seems like an obvious move to have one wheel for combat and another for sneaking, and you should do that even if you’re making an Assassin build. Side questing is a big deal in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey; it’s essential to leveling up and it’s also where some of the best content is. Even 1080p ultra remains too demanding for many GPUs, with the GTX 1080 being the minimum required to average 60fps in the benchmark sequence. A full suite of GPU and CPU benchmarks, settings overview, and port analysis. While the game does auto-save frequently, make some back up saves just in case you run into trouble. However, Hard was pretty tough for my first five or six levels, so I could see starting out on normal and then kicking it up to hard once you get your feet under you. I do appreciate that Ubisoft doesn't suggest the latest CPUs and GPUs are required for the minimum settings at least, and you can certainly go below the above recommendations if you want. This is “Assassin’s Creed.” There should be no alternatives. I’m all for letting series evolve and try new things, but the further they stray from being an assassin, even if it’s an optional skill tree, it’s not Assassin’s Creed anymore. That is pretty cool that you can change protagonists for your second playthrough. Each successful boarding restores some of the Adrestia’s health. Once this mission is complete, you will unlock The Blind King mission. Simply load the save that you want to carry over, pause the game, go to the main system menu (where you save and load your game), and select 'New Game+'. If you didn’t play Origins or are just rusty on the franchise’s massive meta-story, don’t sweat it. OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit only) The Blind King bonus mission can be accessed by completing the main storyline mission The Big Break. Assassin's Creed Odyssey offers up most of the things we like to see, and the only missing link is mod support. A few reshade mods exist, along with some other minor tweaks, but with no official mod support you shouldn't expect a wide variety of game-altering tweaks.

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