I usually make kinako mochi and when I have leftover sweeten kinako, I also add to my matcha! Hi Heather! very good but as said below a bit too much powder. Green tea powder and soy milk make a great version of the traditional latte. ©2020 Just One Cookbook, All Rights Reserved. . Info. We tend to drink the same drink(s) and I also stick with the ones I like… Glad to hear you tried Green Tea Latte! Oops, sorry I didn’t see your new comment. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. I hope you enjoy(ed) it! I use a frother but you can also use a small regular whisk or, Add milk and sugar in a small saucepan. Thanks so much for the recipe. Hi El! Oh kinako is a great addition! Sorry for my late response. Starbucks one is a bit too sweet for me (even though I ask for just one pump of syrup)… Really glad you enjoyed this. Hi there, thank you for answering my question. You can also use half-and-half. 119 calories; protein 4.4g 9% DV; carbohydrates 20.8g 7% DV; fat 2.2g 3% DV; cholesterol 0mg; sodium 66.4mg 3% DV. Consider sifting the green tea powder into the shaker. Thanks so much for your feedback! (Or use cold milk for iced latte). First of all have you tried Green Tea Latte or matcha before? but I tried it and it’s absolutely perfect. to call to inquire about their Matcha Green Tea powder? Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! , Hi Nami, your recipe looks so good. They are great for baking and drinking (especially with milk). . Hi Phanyla! Yes, it’s very easy to make!! My best friend who lives in Tokyo introduced me to green tea lattes last Thanksgiving when we drank them in the middle of Japan’s first snowstorm in November in 53 years. Sign up for the free Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! Your email address will not be published. Aww you tried this recipe! Very sad to waste my milk and honey :o(. Was thinking of the whisk would help with the dissolving cuz I don’t like bits floating around in the tea, but I’m not sure whether to buy one or not. I use this small whisk 1-2 eggs or dressing etc too, so I use it all the time. My sister said she found some matcha powder at Daiso in Hong Kong and the package came with sugar mixed in. This was pretty good. Hai.. Love yr greentea latte..oh and Where do you buy the whisk? I’m so happy to hear you liked it! Turn off the heat. I love Matcha– anything! Just keep in mind that the amount of foam will decrease as the fat content decreases. Amount is based on available nutrient data. xo, Hi Vernon! Thank you. My matcha from Maeda-en is Culinary grade and it’s $6.99 at a Japanese grocery store. , I just tried a Green Tea latte at Starbucks the other day. All images and content on this site are copyright protected. It is 1 oz and sold in a small tiny silver tin with a black lid. If desired, you can dust the surface with additional matcha powder or drizzle it with a dash of honey. Whole dairy milk will usually create the most, while non-fat dairy and non-dairy milks may produce very little. Just made this and I love it! Never have to go to a boba or coffee shop to get my fix anymore. Then, pour ¼ cup of the water into the mug and whisk it with the powder to form a paste. We don’t really consume matcha every day. Matcha may develop clumps as it sits, and breaking up these clumps before mixing the drink should allow the powder to disperse more evenly. Process the ingredients for 10 to 20 seconds, or until evenly combined. It just tasted vaguely of peas with a bitter finish. When preparing the drink in a glass instead of a cocktail shaker or sealable jar, vigorously whisk the matcha, milk, and water together using a bamboo or metal whisk. Thank you so much for your comment! Now, I am embarrassed to tell you that my pantry has been stocked up with many matcha green tea powder packages already. I had to make a cup immediately. As I heard green tea with milk spoils the health benefits. Season with Spice matcha is very good price (If you buy, use the promotional code written above this recipe). Stirring the lovely green hue in a cup has the effect of calming my mind, allowing me to take a mental break on a busy day. The bitter and sweet taste of matcha green tea mixed with warm milk for a delicious latte. Thank you Koy! Do you always like your Green Tea Latte to be sweet like Starbucks? All the people who wrote in to say it looks good, try it because it is fantastic. Required fields are marked *. Hi there, I have a question about the green tea powder. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. it comes in a week’s time from Japan. Then you need to add more sugar. xoxo , Hi Nami the matcha green tea powder that you use here for latte can also be use for baking and icecream too? If you do not have a frother, vigorously whisking the milk using a standard metal whisk will also produce foam. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Maybe I’ll try next time with only 1tsp. . Those are too expensive for baked goods. A smooth cup of matcha green tea latte is just perfect. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. . When I first order it, I could barely finish the whole cup because it was so sweet.

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