G: Definitely represented Jesus, as Lord of the Rings is a Chrstian Allegory. I'd say gandalf because I've never really seen anything impressive magic wise from the harry potter universe. He speaks to dragons. 4 years ago. (Ged is clean shaven.) Nor was it Sauron himself, the Dark Lord, the personification of evil. My wife insists that Dumbledore is the best. First off, the Wizard of Oz was disqualified, for obvious reasons: a wizard must be a person who has developed real magical power. I know we've left out somebody's favorite, but these were our choices. Gandalf: Struck fear into a multitude of magical beasts. And Gandalf, the great wizard of ''The Lord of the Rings,'' has long been almost as ensconced in the popular imagination as Merlin. FemaleLotRfan. Darth Vader would kick the crap out of both. Source: ME. Site Powered by MILE Social. My favorite is not as famous as the ones I just mentioned. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. It's Dumbledore, unless there a butterfly, eagle or a sketchy bridge available Gandalf is screwed. Sarge4Tide (I don't think Ged wears a hat, certainly not a silly one. Dumbledore is supposed to be powerful, but the world of Harry Potter just doesn't contain the same level of evil as the world of Tolkien. I go with Dumbledore, only because he would cuddle with me. The transformation of a beloved friend was what scared him more than any special effect. The best samurai of all time vs. the best European knight ever? Clear editor. Certainly the Potter books and ''The Once and Future King'' deal with the use and abuse of power, but both are gentle stories. Dumbledore. greengal, stop trying to define the parameters of the battle. But not the faggot from the movies. The Chinese dude from the matrix fought neo. Having more than one wizard in the multiplex does, however, raise one tremendously important question. Powered by Invision Community. Admittedly, this is a crude way to judge literary creations, but much more fun than the sort of thing you learn in college. yeah but william wallace is really strong, and has long hair...so yeah, mark one down for the fighting scotsmen. He can cause storms, transform himself into a hawk, make light and split rock. My money would have to be on Gandalf in the wizard duel. stupid question.. they wouldnt fight each other. Display as a link instead, × need more info. But he's not a wizard yet.) The combatants? Merlin? they wouldnt fight each other unless one of them went bad.. sheesh! He said he was frightened at only one moment in the movie, when Bilbo, Frodo's beloved uncle and a wise and gentle hobbit who held the ring for many years, turned on Frodo. English actors Richard Harris and Sir Michael Gambon portrayed Dumbledore as a gentle man of stature while Harris accentuated the fatherly quality Gambon was a much more secretive exhausted and uncertain wizard literally having to pluck memories to find his answers in a jam we’d rather skip the mind games and have Macallan’s Gandalf around for Portnoy vs. Holden Caulfield? While Dumbledore appears to keep it close at first, Gandalf is the clear favorite, and gets my vote. Damit Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihre personenbezogenen Daten verarbeiten können, wählen Sie bitte 'Ich stimme zu.' You get the sense that he and his magic are connected to the very heart of the world. Damn you greengal and your "logic". I started thinking about this question partly because of the new movies, partly because I'm a longtime reader of fantasy and partly because I have a 10-year-old son.   You cannot paste images directly. JoJoTownsell1 See the article in its original context from. 'Borat' star on Giuliani clip: 'He did what he did' Man accidentally buys extra lottery ticket — and wins $2M It can be done with other characters as well. There you have it. I kept wanting to vote for Ged, but I had to admit that he was more of a sentimental favorite, so naturally I had to come up with some other criteria so he could come out on top. Rhg1084 Words. Admittedly, this is a crude way to judge literary creations, but much more fun than the sort of thing you learn in college. If others were allowed into the battle, then Chuck Norris would beat everyone. Magic in the Earthsea stories is built on the true names of things, the words once used to speak his world into existence. Who wins? And this idea brings me to Ged. There can't be many people left who haven't read a Harry Potter book or seen the movie, who don't find the name Dumbledore at least vaguely familiar. Jetsfan80, November 29, 2007 in The Lounge. That left us with a final four: Gandalf, Merlin, Dumbledore and Ged. Between those, Gandalf. Dani. By Ged, although he has power, has to learn his wizardry. × Lysol disinfecting wipes and spray are back at Amazon. Best hat would be tough, but I would have to vote for Dumbledore. 0 0.   Pasted as rich text. 0 1. Gandalf? The combatants?

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