[5] He was crowned King of the Romans at Aachen several days later, on 9 March 1152. Few of these, such as Bavaria and Saxony, were large. [6], Conrad III attempted to lead the army overland across Anatolia. In the old days of Henry VI and Henry V, the claim of divine right of kings had been severely undermined by the Investiture controversy. Second, Third and Fourth Italian Campaigns: 1158–1174, Second, Third and Fourth Italian Campaigns: 1158–1174. His hair is golden, curling a little above his forehead ... His eyes are sharp and piercing, his beard reddish [barba subrufa], his lips delicate ... His whole face is bright and cheerful. By the time Frederick would assume these, they were little more than propaganda slogans with little other meaning. Frederick's father was from the Hohenstaufen family, and his mother was from the Welf family, the two most powerful families in Germany. It used to be said that the insulting gesture, (called fico), of holding one's fist with the thumb in between the middle and forefinger came by its origin from this event. Each had a rare combination of qualities that made him appear superhuman to his contemporaries. The political result of the struggle with Pope Alexander was that the Norman state of Sicily and Pope Alexander III formed an alliance against Frederick. "holy") first appeared in a document in connection with his Empire. On their way northwards, they attacked Spoleto and encountered the ambassadors of Manuel I Comnenus, who showered Frederick with costly gifts. [31] This expedition resulted in the revolt and capture of Milan,[32] the Diet of Roncaglia that saw the establishment of imperial officers and ecclesiastical reforms in the cities of northern Italy,[33] and the beginning of the long struggle with Pope Alexander III. In March 1153, Frederick concluded the Treaty of Constance with the Pope, wherein he promised, in return for his coronation, to defend the papacy, to make no peace with king Roger II of Sicily or other enemies of the Church without the consent of Eugene,[20] and to help Eugene regain control of the city of Rome. Did the Holy Roman Emperor have the power to name the pope and bishops? Frederick suffered a heavy defeat at the Battle of Legnano near Milan, on 29 May 1176, where he was wounded and for some time was believed to be dead. 18. Now it had recurred, in a slightly different form. The duke of Swabia razed the monastery, captured and executed the robbers and demanded a return of the stolen money. To garner political support the German Empire built atop the Kyffhäuser the Kyffhäuser Monument, which declared Kaiser Wilhelm I the reincarnation of Frederick; the 1896 dedication occurred on 18 June, the day of Frederick's coronation. One of the Hohenstaufens gained the throne as Conrad III of Germany (1137–1152). In 1184, he had held a massive celebration when his two eldest sons were knighted, and where thousands of knights were invited from all over Germany. Before his imperial election, Frederick was by inheritance Duke of Swabia (1147–1152, as Frederick III). Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Frederick I Barbarossa [1] (1122 – 10 June 1190) was a German Holy Roman Emperor.

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