If not treated, over time, it will turn into a blister and there are chances of it getting septic. They love to hang out in old, musty boxes in the basement, and if it is filled with old newspapers or books, even better. Thus, an earwig bite could cause exposure to bacteria and an infection could result. Earwigs are interesting little creatures if you’re into creepy, crawly things, but those pincers on their hindquarters can be a little intimidating. What is one to do when bitten by an earwig? Are earwig bites dangerous? Preferably use an antibacterial soap so that the chances of developing an infection are eliminated. While the symptoms may vary from person to person, depending on the size of the bug or an individual's reaction to a sting or the healing process of the body, there are certain symptoms that manifest themselves. Those scary-looking pincers are also used to disable prey for a meal and are used during the mating season. If irritated, they use their forceps/pincers to grip a person's skin, causing him discomfort. 1 Answer. Use Boric Acid – You should spray boric acid on door slits and other spaces where the earwigs can get in. It is possible for an earwig to bite, but it’s a rare occurrence. They use the pincers at the end of their bodies for capturing prey, reproduction and stinging a person or animal that threatens them. While they do have wings, they seldom fly. Copyright 2020 | MH Impact WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Make sure that you dispose off any decaying plants to avoid an infestation in the first place. After washing the area, pat it dry; do not rub since this will increase the irritation. The perceived threat of being attacked or bitten by an earwig may initially be cause for concern, but rest assured, their appearance is far more threatening than their behavior. The size of the bug will also determine the severity of the symptoms; people who are allergic to insect stings will have a more severe reaction. So, earwigs don't exactly bite or sting; they. They have a frightful appearance, move rapidly around baseboards at the ground level, and may emit a foul-smelling, yellowish-brown liquid from their scent glands. If there is a lack of food, they will begin to munch on your flowers and plants. Wash the area with a mild soap and water. Also be aware that earwigs can fall from trees and end up in your hair or on your clothes. Copyright 2020 © All rights Reserved. If you've been stung/pinched/bitten really hard then you might even bleed. One has to understand that the earwig has only its prongs for defense, so if it infers something as a threat, it will sting, rather pinch. The bite of an earwig is but a nuisance and poses no danger to most people. If the area is stinging or it has swollen, put an ice pack on it. Believe it or not, these little bugs live for about one year. One myth that has been around forever is that earwigs sneak into your house at night, wait until you fall asleep, crawl inside your ears, burrow in your brain, and lay eggs. These creepy crawlers are somewhat social, nocturnal creatures, who are surprisingly attracted to bright lights. Usually in early spring, a female earwig lays between 20 and 80 eggs in a two day period. An earwig bite, though potentially harmless, will cause a lot of pain and may also induce bleeding. These may be some of the symptoms that you will notice once you've been bitten by the bug. You can recognize this turn of events by the unevenly chewed edges of plant leaves or small holes left in both flowers and leaves. While most of those who are bitten by an earwig do not suffer very serious consequences, some might develop an infection (as mentioned above). An earwig bite, though potentially harmless, will cause a lot of pain and may also induce bleeding. Remove watering cans, pet bowls, or any other sources of standing water in the yard. Using boric acid in door slits and other entrances can prevent them from crawling in. The male is easily identified by two very distinctive curved pincers, also known as cerci. While a pinch can break the skin and cause inflammation, that is the exception and not the rule. These creatures are active at night while hiding during the daytime, they normally live outdoors and do not establish … It should be noted that earwigs generally pinch only when they feel threatened, so they are neither aggressive nor do they go out of their way to pinch people or pets. Relevance. A female earwig has two straight, not curved, cerci. Use warm water and mild soap to wash the area of the bite. While the earwig looks like an intimidating insect due to its distinctive pincers, that is where the threat ends. However, there are chances of contracting infections and other related complications. The best way in which one can prevent an earwig's bite is by controlling the growth of the bugs. It is possible for an earwig to bite, but it’s a rare occurrence. In case you're bitten, and in spite of administering the treatment mentioned above, the pain or symptoms don't subside, then contact a doctor immediately. When disturbed, they produce very foul-smelling liquids and will pinch (bite) frequently. Add to that the fact that when disturbed, an earwig will respond by releasing a foul-smelling liquid (yellowish-brown) and will not stop at biting (pinching) its 'predator' either (the pinch is often compared to a mild electric shock). If the weather is too dry, too hot, or too cold, they may seek shelter inside. However, earwigs can quickly turn from helpful to harmful if there is a shortage of decaying organic material or bugs in the garden. So in order to prevent the earwig bite from getting septic and infected, one needs to administer immediate and proper care. Let’s separate fact from fiction by taking a closer look at what these insects can and cannot actually do. Andre4. We cover that in detail here in this article. The pincers are used as a defense against attacks from larger insects or enemies, such as birds, spiders, or yellow jackets. Close doors and windows at night – Earwigs basically live outdoors, but sometimes, when the nights are too cold, they ill crawl into your home to keep warm. They congregate under potted plant containers and decorative rocks, so don’t be surprised when you move a stationary object on your patio and find dozens of earwigs scurrying for cover. If there are even tiny cracks or holes in the exterior of your home, that gives them an easy access point to come indoors. There will be two red marks from where the forceps have stung into your body. The pinch by a male earwig happens when he, after sensing a threat, grabs your skin, closes the cerci in a true pinching fashion, and hangs on for a few seconds. There are some other symptoms that are common all across and when you see them, you should suspect the earwig. These places include foundations and walls as well. However, if you are worried, ... so I think they are finally clearing up =D Still itch a lot though =(. The sight of red marks from where the wigs bite your skin. They are not venomous, but their bite may lead to a secondary infection if the affected area is scratched by nails. Earwigs live in dark and wet environments where bacteria can grow, and all kinds of plants are their food. The earwig bug is an insect that gets its name from a legend. Hang a bird feeder in your yard to encourage birds to visit and seek out earwigs for food. Therefore, make sure that you control the growth of these insects in the first place. However, it doesn’t hurt to rinse the area and apply a small amount of antibiotic cream to protect and promote healing of the skin. Earwigs come out at night to feast on smaller insects, bugs, and decomposing yard waste and prosper outdoors under damp, dark conditions. Since earwigs only pinch when a threat is present, the odds of being pinched are fairly minimal unless you actively go after them. So make sure that you keep these areas dry as far as possible. Earwigs are considered as pests because they attack domestic plants. What Does It Mean When Your Period Blood is Black? Earwigs are not venomous and they do not cause injuries by biting. What other items are earwigs attracted to? do earwigs give you itchy bug bites? This should help, but if the symptoms do not subside then contact a doctor immediately. An earwig may bite, if threatened. Since earwigs do not contain any poison, a bite is not potentially or fatally dangerous like other insect and reptile bites (snakebite, spider bite). Earwigs are pests because they attack plants. While the pinch results in slight pain, the earwig does not inject venom or anything else into or under the skin. If discomfort persists for long, call a doctor. When bitten, be quick to clean and disinfect the bite to avoid infection; do not remove any retained forceps without seeing a doctor. You should pay special attention to dampness in your foundation, basement or walls. Do earwigs bite? Repair broken windows and gaps or holes in your home’s exterior. Discard any decaying houseplants – Earwigs will normally get their food from eating garden plants. A bit of good news is that they can help out in the garden. An earwig has a very painful bite that can cause a wide range of symptoms. Therefore, the treatment of an earwig bite should be administered simply to prevent the area from becoming infected or septic. Still, you may be in a hurry to rid your property of any and all earwigs right away.

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