The historian David Starkey is being investigated by police over remarks he made about slavery in an interview with Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes. A video chat between a pro-Brexit pundit and David Starkey in which the historian used the phrase ‘damn blacks’ is to be officially recorded as a ‘non-crime’ hate incident despite the investigation being dropped. ... and in many cases hope to eventually reverse Brexit entirely and leave much of the power to control policy in the United Kingdom with the powers that be in the European Union. As a result he supported the leave vote in the 2016 EU referendum and is a Brexit supporter. David Starkey slammed Remain MPs for the "absurd contradiction" of asserting parliamentary sovereignty in order to deny national sovereignty. Darren Grimes was interviewed by police on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after Dr Starkey appeared on the Brexiteer commentator’s […] David Starkey is very critical of the European Union (EU). [57] This is because, as Starkey argues, the United Kingdom is best off as a self governing nation, and the EU conflicts with this notion of self government.

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