And that will never change. A release date for the first model has not been determined yet, so check back here for availability and information on additional Haro/Mirra models being planned. Feb 17, 2016. In celebrating Dave’s long career with that other brand, Mirraco Corporation and Haro have teamed up to create bikes that reflect that history and pay tribute to the bikes Dave rode during his career with Haro. But, as it turns out, we all should. What that means is we are going to give back to the sport by donating a portion of the money we make from bike sales to so they can give back to organizations who support youth cycling in various ways. White 2003 Dave Mirra 540 Air Signature Series BMX Bike. For convenience it features an under seat storage compartment, as well as washable seat pad. The Advantage 4 Bike Folding Prong cycle rack is suitable for bikes of most types. Australia. – Coaster rear brake for ease of use. – Decorative tassels. These seats look and feel amazing, chuck that post up and spin those bars, Want to be one of only 5 people in Australia with one of these Big Ripper’s. The package features a fitted rack along with quick release seat, meaning the seat can easily be removed when not in use, then reattached again without fuss. Beginning in late spring of 2017 the Mirraco brand will be retired. Lets get kids on bikes! He rode and was sponsored by Haro Bikesfrom the mid 1990s until starting his own bik… We believe that the accessibility and affordability of our bikes are the most important factors in getting more young riders started in the sport. And, with a solid mix of reliable components, including a suspension fork, disc brakes, a 21-speed drivetrain, and 27.5-inch wheels, this budget-friendly bike satisfies the need for fun on two wheels. This bike is still one of the best value priced models in the market, hands down, year after year. And that’s fine with us. Compatible with MTB, Hybrid and Road systems, the kit includes: black outer casing, inner wire in stainless steel, 1.1mm inner wires, cable end cover. Among the unfortunate number of athletes you may not know passed away is the tragic story of the death of BMX legend Dave Mirra. Caused by repeated injuries to the head, CTE causes memory loss, dementia, and depression, which seems to be the deadliest symptom of the disease. In order to have the most "up to date" information we do not reproduce the full range of bikes on our website, we suggest you give us a call or visit the Mirraco Website for further details. Originally released in 1999, there are 7 versions of this bike. Dave Mirra played a huge role in the growth of BMX freestyle and the worldwide media exposure the sport has attained. Dave rode from the time he was a kid until his passing in February of 2016. Having won more X-Games Gold medals than any other competitor, only Dave has the mettle to run a … In celebrating Dave’s long career with that other brand, Mirraco Corporation and Haro have teamed up to create bikes that reflect that history and pay tribute to the bikes Dave rode during his career with Haro. A boy’s bike is a special possession to call all his own. The problem had only recently been brought to mainstream public attention with the 2015 film Concussion, starring Will Smith, and that framed the issue in light of football, not BMX. – Adjustable height quill stem to grow with your child. The lightweight aluminum SE Bikes Ripper is the perfect bike for kids to get a new taste of the #SEBIKESLIFE. Click the link below to see the remaining Mirraco models offered by Dynacraft. Bikes are attached to the rack using the supplied bungee cords. Multi Butted Chromoly handlebars from Haro. You’re never alone when you roll the Chakra Solo. "I was used to them and used to hearing about them and probably didn't take them seriously," Lauren said. The first complete bike that will be produced is inspired by the bike featured on the cover of Sony’s Playstation game - Dave Mirra BMX Freestyle released in the year 2000. Buying online has never been safer or easier. He wanted to create a brand of his own. Bring them all on. Air-FX padding offers comfort on your longest rides, and the helmet is equipped with MIPS to redirect impact energy, providing more protection in certain impacts. Mirraco Corporation will soon be re-branding its bikes to feature the names Dave Mirra and Mirra Bikes instead of Mirraco. Mirra's wife Lauren saw these symptoms in her husband before his death. "The last couple months before he died were really intense ... We didn't know what we were dealing with." Due to the size of the bike and being electric we do not ship these bikes. The perfect recreational mountain bike for new riders to dip their toes into trail riding, a commuting solution, or just an all around fun bike for the city or country. Paying tribute to true BMX legend Dave Mirra. The lightweight aluminum frame is durable and keeps the bike nimble. When he came to, he thought he was back home in England, rather than a sports competition on the beach. Products and information will be filled in over the next few weeks. The Bella is designed to keep her safe as she gains her balance and discovers the freedom of riding. Lets get kids on bikes! The seemingly superhuman bike rider was almost singlehandedly responsible for the popularization of both his sport and its version of the Olympics: the ESPN X Games.Just scroll down the long list of Mirra's X Games Competition History to get an idea of what he did for the competition. These bikes are built to take all the ‘love’ your child can throw at it. Back then you threw caution to the wind because who cares?". British BMXer Jamie Bestwick told The Guardian the following week about a harrowing accident he had at the beginning of his career. David Michael Mirra (April 4, 1974 – February 4, 2016) was an American BMX rider who later competed in rallycross racing. Haro Dave Mirra 540 Air Signature SeriesThe Haro Mirra 540 is a freestyle/bmx bike with a chromoly and steel frame. Whether you choose Matte Guinness Black, Gloss Smoked Red, Gloss Cantaloupe Splatter, or Gloss Atomic Mint, you’re getting an amazing bike. This multi-purpose bike is perfect for the BMX track, trails or cruising around and doing wheelies with friends in the neighborhood. They're reasonably priced and well built. Mirra Bikes. "The trauma itself defines the disease, not who you got the trauma," she said. This multi-purpose bike is perfect for the BMX track, trails or cruising around and doing wheelies with friends in the neighborhood. The frame comes in colors like raw, black and putty.

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