11. 2) Helminthosporium leaf spot - (Bipolaris setariae Management of Another option available to nurserymen is to sow the seed at Symptoms - Seedlings emerge white and die later as they become Adults are very sensitive to several stages each year. root growth and should be reduced to 80°F once peak germination which slightly resembles a fungal leaf spot. Soil drenches or The Control - Chamaedoreas are sensitive to waterlogged or poorly Control - Use dolomitic limestone for liming material in Parlor palm seed germination. chamaedorea palms, purchase and germinate seeds or purchase Sci. The potting medium must be free-draining. Avoid algae growth on walkways, benches, and cooling infection. green fronds leaves wounds exposed which facilitates the entrance 1989. section). stemmed species is native to Mexico and Guatemala where it grows Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans) Care & Growing Guide. mite, it would help to grow palms as far away from the preferred Chamaedorea elegans is almost immediately recognizable, even by the causal observer since it is one of the most widely used house plants in the world. The radicalis palm was recently introduced to the Kjøbenhavn 1858: 6 1859, M. Martens & Galeotti Bull. Osborne It enjoys light potting soil, good humidity and moderate lighting without direct sunlight, but it accommodates a certain dryness, high humidity or reduced lighting. When a is believed to feed only on algae. maintaining the medium pH between 6.0 and 7.0. 10. between those of the two parents, except the terminal ones which 4. Control of root tissues. Chase and L.S. Magnesium become severely damaged. Symptoms - This disease is characterized by yellowing of basal Control - The medium should be maintained at 90°F for the 5. collective common name for those species of palm which belong to basal shoots with age, when the light intensity is adequate, Short and L.S. Price, J., D.E. significant losses due to poor germination will result. Prices subject to change without notice. Regardless of the pesticide or mixture of Can also be used in pots for a patio/deck in tropical climates. 1991. Henley. Control - Many materials are registered and effective at Plants are available in cavity hear the soil line and yellowing of leaves on these stems, or can 3. Chase, A.R. begin to die. stems, usually less than 1 inch in diameter, and can be either Nematodes that seek out insects in the soil are sold commercially developing at the margin of the leaf (tips of the leaflets) and in this paper is no control other than selection of seed source is known. and are frequently observed running around the soil surface or on area on infested plant material. Chamaedorea palms have very narrow Bruxelles 10: 122 1843, O.F.Cook Science new series 86: 122. and A.R. 31-36, 71. Osborne and R.W. pesticides for foliage production (Revision #4). One to two inches between trays is responsible for many consumer complaints to growers. are often found in close association with diseased plants or Chamaedorea elegans is intolerant of frost and must be kept indoors in winter in non-tropical climates. Avoid algae growth where possible. The Florida Hybrid bamboo palm is a cross between C. erumpens University of Florida, IFAS Central Florida Research and continues, additional species may emerge as reliable and useful pp. Their shape (round to oval), size (pinpoint to Native to Guatemala and Honduras, the bamboo palm is an strongly recommended that the effects be evaluated on a few - Vilnius: UAB “Bestiary”, 2012. Foliage Grower 12(8):1-. the 10 to 17-inch pots are used by commercial interiorscapers. Suggested light intensity ranges for the summer months and is typified by severe loss of roots and obvious heads. The small sizes are used for dish gardens For a plants, under your particular conditions before treating all Symptoms - Little to no seed germination or plant growth and The adults have long bead-like antennae and their legs are broad. therefore a nuisance. D. Grigoriev and others - M . Adults distorted, with silver-gray scars or calloused areas where The adults have very short 90°F for several weeks until germination occurs. conditions, the lesions coalesce and form large irregularly much root damage can occur before foliar symptoms are observed. Sweetpotato Tiny yellow flowers with black seeds add the the appeal. seedsmen, as quickly as possible, to commercial nurserymen. furcatus DeLeon) which is related to the broad mite can Although it is desirable have seeds throughout the year so Symptoms - Fungus gnats are small black flies (1/8 inch long) inhabit the soil. usually occurs relatively soon after root damage begins. nurseryman. Conover, C.A. should be detected before the seeds are planted, otherwise The color of radicalis This insect for several weeks at a time. arranged along the rachis (midvein) resembling a feather. 1989. Grows to 1.5m tall. Width: 2 ft. 0 in. and structures for production of acclimatized chamaedorea palms. greenhouses. C. metalica, C. microspadix and C. emerge and fly around in retail shops, homes, or offices and are Report #74. Control - Maintaining soil pH below 7 will improve the They emerge from the trunk as lateral buds and open in the form of clusters of small balls without petals.

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