When it comes to men’s hair, celebrities often lead the way. You’ll have to put some styling work into it to get this result, but if you’re after this look, this is an excellent look to emulate. Celebrities are not immune to bad haircuts—especially given the pressure they feel to make an impression on the red carpet. Here are hairstyles and haircuts that make you go “wow”. See more ideas about Celebrity hairstyles, Mens hairstyles, Hair styles. The Ragnar Lothbrok hairstyle, made possible by actor Travis Fimmel, can be best ... Jax Teller's hair, along with Charlie Hunnam's bad boy good-looks, earned the Sons of Anarchy character a strong following among fans. Between his messy long hair and newfound love of short hair, Zac Efron's ... Bryce Harper's haircut and beard have become as famous as the MLB player himself. His choice is this tousled, voluminous style that makes the most out of a full head of hair. The best thing about celebrity hairstyles is they change often and give us a whole other crop of celebrity hair to swoon over. Sometimes the only relief for the summer heat is shorts, short sleeves, and short hair. If you like modern and eye-catching looks and have thick hair, long hairstyles would be a nice choice for you. As one of Hollywood's most famous actors, Brad Pitt has been a fashion icon for decades. Something interesting is that Hemwsworth chooses to part his hair on his right side, whereas most men prefer the part on their left side. Reply your comment Cancel Reply. Always a trendsetter, Becks continues to lead the pack today. The best baseball haircuts offer players functionality and style at the same time. The Marco Reus haircut could be the best cut and style for your hair. Check out these. Recently, more and more celebrities have been seen with messier hairstyles that bridge the gap between Hollywood and everyday life. Check out these pictures for 10 ginger men who will make you want to be a redhead. edit. So whether you're a fan of Brad Pitt's spiky cuts (or his sexy, shaggy look), George Clooney's salt and pepper hairdo, or Ryan Gosling's...everything, this list of hot male celebrity hairstyles has a smattering of the best hair in the world donned by Actors with great hair. To celebrate David Beckham's 40th birthday, ESPN commissioned Helen Green to illustrate his hair journey. Tags: Celebrity Hairstyles Male, Celebrity Men Hairstyles, Male Celebrity Haircuts. Quiff is the type of haircut in which hair are cut longer at the top and shorter at the sides and top hair are tousled combed up and back with texture and volume. In addition to looking bad ass while fighting the Nazis, Brad Pitt's Fury haircut was creating buzz around the world as a new hairstyle trend. Mads Mikkelsen is one of the coolest men on earth and his mid length simple hairstyle looks definitely sexy on him. 8 short haircut combed over…, Very Thin Hair Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Older Women With Fine Hair. Blake’s hair has seen it all. So here are the best celebrity hairstyles! Brock O’Hurn. Even though he has very straight, thick hair, this look can easily be accomplished with a hair straightener and some product. As a fashion icon famous for his short and long hair, each new hairstyle the footballer gets instantly ... Neymar's haircut splashed onto the world stage during the last World Cup. Just check these images below and be inspired! The best part about these recent celebrity haircuts free-flowing hairstyles is that it can be matched with a large variety of clothes and hair, making it a highly versatile hairstyle to choose. If you look closely, you’ll see Amell has a mild widow’s peak. Every man s year can be categorized into two parts. Seeing we ve all. Red hair looks great in a beard too. It's finally cool to a redhead. This style is somewhat of a surprising choice because it’s not the kind of hairstyle you see anymore. All of Farrell’s hair is styled backwards, giving it a tidy appearance. Here, Bloom is rocking a high-shine quiff/pompadour hybrid that’s sure to catch attention. Many celebrities have been known to pioneer hairstyles that catch on and others sport unorthodox cuts that achieve cult following. Keanu Reeves also sport mid length haircut with his dark hair and looks great. See the latest haircuts and hairstyles from the likes of David Beckham, Ryan Gosling & Zayn Malik.

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