Made with hand-trimmed cuts of pork and beef and accented with savory spices, this  blend is sensibly seasoned for a healthier take on a classic. - 33% lower sodium than USDA data for Bologna.- Sodium content 360mg per serving compared to 540mg for USDA data for Bologna. 10 Boar's Head Meats You Shouldn't Eat a Lot Of, Stick to Boar's Head turkey if you’re on a diet, Transform Weekend Brunch With 10-Minute Blueberry Syrup. 2 oz (56g) Nutrition Facts. Aliquid magnam, deleniti eveniet incidunt perspiciatis sequi, voluptatem at consequuntur. That’s why Boar’s Head offers an entire line of flavorful lower sodium deli meats and cheeses, never compromising on quality or taste.


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H-E-B Select Ingredients Danish Brand Ham, 8 oz. 150. Balancing Boar’s Head lower sodium deli meats and cheeses with fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle. At Boar ’ s Head, we have always been committed to providing wholesome, nutritious product choices by using the finest ingredients available. How does delivery work? By clicking SIGN UP I agree to receive news, promotions and information from Boar's Head. Posts may contain affiliate, sponsorship and/or partnership links for products Food Babe has approved and researched herself. Per 2 oz; Calories Fat Net Carbs Protein; 60: 1g: 0g: 13g: ... Boar's Head Low Sodium Muenster Cheese. We’re here to reassure you that the vast majority of cold cuts are very low in fat and calories, but it’s good to know which ones aren't. All-Natural Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, Raised w/o Antibiotics, All-Natural Roasted Turkey Breast, Raised w/o Antibiotics (No Salt Added), Coated Virginia Brand Ham, No Antibiotics Used, SmokeMaster Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham, Golden Classic Chicken Breast (Reduced Sodium), All-Natural Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast, Raised w/o Antibiotics, Uncured Ham, Non-GMO, Raised w/o Antibiotics, Kasseler Rippchen (Ready-to-Eat Cured, Smoked, and Cooked Pork Loin Chop), Bold Ichiban Teriyaki Style Chicken Breast, Simplicity All Natural Brown Sugar Uncured Ham, Simplicity All Natural Roasted Turkey Breast, All-Natural Honey Turkey Breast, Raised w/o Antibiotics.

Nutrition Facts. Add to List. The sodium content in cold cuts is a concern, but Boar's Head has found ways to remedy that issue as well. Need to change a delivery time after checkout? When you find yourself at the deli counter at your local supermarket, you’re faced with a couple of decisions.
- 33% lower sodium than USDA data for Bologna.- Sodium content 360mg per serving compared to 540mg for USDA data for Bologna. Combining Boar’s Head lower sodium meats and cheese with fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a healthy start. No problem. $7.99/lb ... We Recommend: Boar's Head Lower Sodium Bologna. Enjoy these lower sodium products that provide the taste and nutrition your family deserves. / Out of stock. *No trans-fat from partially hydrogenated oils. If you're looking for the healthiest deli meat, consider not only the protein and nutrient content, but how much fat, sodium and calories your cold cuts contain. Boar's Head Deluxe Low Sodium Oven Roasted Beef.

Bologna, Wursts & Loaves, 33% Lower Fat - 36% Lower Sodium American Cheese. Our team of expert butchers and experienced chefs are at your service to help create a great meal or a great event for your family, friends and colleagues. Want those chicken thighs vacuum sealed in two pound packs?

/ ... Applegate Farms, Boar's Head, Great Value (Walmart), Hillshire Farm, Hormel, Open Nature, Oscar Mayer, and Plumrose. Calories % Daily Value* 20%. 1 oz. Since the company began, we have developed our products to serve friends and family plentifully; always with a dedication to eating well. On average, deli meats had 8 to 11 times the sodium content. A valid Recipient Email Address is required.

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2 oz (56g) Nutrition Facts. ... Boar's Head Bologna w/ 33% Lower Sodium. 1 … Boar's Head has the answer. Download our quick reference guide to everything Counter Culture. All of these offerings are surprisingly lean: their Virginia ham contains only 1 gram of fat and 60 calories in a 2-ounce serving; Ovengold turkey has the same amount; and their London broil top round roast beef contains only 3 grams of fat and 70 calories in a 2-ounce serving. I was actually surprised by my results, I was really surprised when I saw #1 only had 80 mg of Sodium. 23% Saturated Fat 4.5g ... Boar's Head Smokemaster Black Forest Ham w/ 31% Lower Sodium. 150 calories. The good thing about cold cuts is that while it’s not always easy to tell how high in sodium they are just by looking at them, you can easily gauge which ones will be higher in fat, for the most part. Search on Amount Per Serving.

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