The popularity of “Unforgettable” couldn’t have peaked in a more appropriate month—it was August, a humid, melancholy time of year for a humid, melancholy type of song.

“Don’t you know who we are?” is a great come-on in this context, but for the sake of us all, no one else should ever try it. –PUJA PATEL. At least half the joke is in the music video, which reveals the song’s helium-distorted vocal samples as the speaking voice of a fuzzy little Muppet type who’s more than willing to entertain Tove Lo’s advances. Fans welcomed Clark back this year as she shapeshifted into a more deliberate pop star (Jack Antonoff produced, ), but only if she plied us with a little of that shot-to-the-heart emotion, the kind that makes her—and the city she writes about—so easy to love. Tumblr. >>> MP3 DOWNLOAD: Dj Khaled Ft Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts, [amazon_link asins=’B072Q5TMXX’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’nicolas0f-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’83002404-868b-11e7-8640-edc0e46cd62b’]. The 17-year-old Texas transplant from Long Beach released “The Race” on the same day he was arrested in connection to two murders and a robbery after three months on the run. Pianist Christoforo Labarbera opens the song with chords that lurch in jazzy rhombuses; Davide Rossi’s strings scribble cursive loops around the track as they would in a boogie or disco song. —, 70. Tuning into the media often felt nightmarish this year, whether you got your news from the morning paper or the sleepless churn of Facebook and Twitter: a president with the temper and attention span of a child, a newly resurrected threat of nuclear war, terror attacks, neo-Nazi rallies, a rat race between professional pundits and amateur internet posters alike to offer the most incisive or outlandish takes on our collective meltdown. In Lenker, it’s easy to feel the momentum of that self-embrace. parody, according to the bio on their YouTube channel, home video of himself recording each instrument, Ariana Grande Delivers Sultry Yet Forgettable R&B on. We hate spam. You keep waiting for the turn, the brag hidden in the self-abasement. But nothing speaks more to how much we needed Downtown Boys this year than Ruiz belting out: “A wall is a wall / A wall is a wall / And nothing more at all.” While Ruiz told, the lyrics for the record were written before “the current regime was inaugurated,” it’d be too comfortable to believe that the borders and bigotry that Downtown Boys repeatedly asks their listeners to interrogate didn’t exist before 2017. — BRIAN HOWE, The operatic scope of Randy Newman’s newest album Dark Matter makes it perhaps not the best place to start with the songwriting legend’s 50-year catalogue if you’re unfamiliar. “I know that you would want it,” the duo sings. Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos – “Slide”, 1. Melina Duterte, the one-woman band Jay Som, has a knack for taking on serious topics in the most whimsical tone possible. That breathless pace also suggests that these lovers are running from something sinister—and in 2017, it didn’t take much imagination to picture yourself fleeing an angry mob. It’s the actual detonation—the softest moment on the song—that best relishes the unexpected. A four-producer epic that flips midway through from dank pitch-shifting to soaring gospel, Jesus” packs cinematic multitudes into five airtight minutes. But neither has released anything quite as good as “Slow Hands,” Horan’s sexy and soulful second single. “Quarterbackin’ like I’m 40 Water,” he brags—and his additional details about surviving Compton’s unforgiving violence seem secondary to his boastful confidence. “We don’t get a choice, so let’s stick together,” Lahey sings to her real-life younger brother, and you know she means every word. On first listen “Take Me” may sound broken, but soon you’ll feel that car not sputtering in a cloud of smoke, but locking into place and revving back up, pedal hitting metal. “Drew Barrymore” is about real-life acting, the kind one attempts in front of an old flame and his new girlfriend.

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