A new hire checklist is a great help as it will ensure that no important steps get omitted when introducing new hires to the office. Some surprises and setbacks may be unavoidable, but strong planning beforehand can help you avoid major missteps. Employees can write their names on their boxes for movers to match to a seating chart and place in the correct spot—this will help avoid a frenzy of people looking for their belongings. Whether you’re moving because of rapid growth, a better location or market reach, it’s too easy to get lost in the sea of paperwork and cardboard boxes that pile up during a this process, all while you still have a business to run. Be wary about signing a multi-year lease, especially if you anticipate rapid growth. Whoever said cubicles and white walls are elements of great design could not have been more wrong. At the end of the day, office and facility management demands a lot from managers. As its name indicates, The Farm is a rustic oasis in NYC. This option is stable and allows you to come to work each day in a space all your own, which is ideal for companies that want to stay in their new space for a long time. Choose ergonomic furniture, proper internal and external lighting, private workstations, fire extinguishers and a smart access control system. Understand your brand’s public perception as well as the feel of the neighborhoods you’re considering, assuring that it makes sense for you to relocate there. (This is another reason to look into moving coverage.). She’s the heartbeat of the company: she is constantly working both behind and in front of the scenes to ensure her company is running smoothly. Other obvious considerations should be if the landlord offers insurance, if the office can fit everyone comfortably and if it’s easily scalable for future growth. At a growing startup, change is inevitable; you’re constantly hiring, moving offices, adjusting your culture, adopting new technologies, and so much more. This template can be used by financial professionals as part of a new business startup package they offer to clients who are starting a new business. I’ll think ‘Wow, I can apply this to my office.’”. To save money, especially in coworking spaces, you can try a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. And the breadth of factors to consider can become even more staggering when you’re constrained by a tight budget and/or a time crunch. Moving into an up-and-coming neighborhood could make your office look savvy and smart without much effort. Maintain safety and security standards by thinking about these needs in new ways. While the process is happening, make sure that you’re focusing both on big-picture stuff and smaller details, making sure that everyone knows their role and is contributing equally. For project management, Kowalski suggests Wunderlist, an app that allows you to “get stuff done” by managing your to-do lists, reminders, and errands. Assess all your current expenditures and compare them against the new office location. Finalize a new seating plan or layout. It takes creativity, ingenuity and great taste to make any space modern and great. Decide whether to rent or lease equipment and services to save money and space. “Planning an interior design strategy for an office differs from planning an interior design for a home.” He said that with moving and planning a design for a new office, there are often various factors and considerations that come into such planning. Great tips. HIPAA Rules Could Be Changing – What Does This Mean for Your Compliance Standards? Be realistic and transparent with the landlord and broker. Thankfully, it’s not black and white — you can do entirely one or the other, but you can also choose to place an emphasis on both styles of working, which might make your office. We may earn money when you click our links. More importantly, you need to know in great detail how the new office will address your pressing business needs. This Microsoft Word checklist considers a variety of important office opening tasks under the following categories: Selecting the New Location, Submitting the Proposal and Moving into the New Office. Julia Campbell is a full-time writer who knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to planning a hassle-free move. Choosing the right doors and locks, organizing alarms and detectors, and assigning proper access levels will help you serve the needs of your team while keeping your space safer. When packing up the office, throw away any old materials that are no longer necessary—when unpacking, your future self will thank you. Location, after all, is the reason why you’re planning to move. 5. “To believe that the process of planning for an office is synonymous to the process of planning for a house would be problematic.”, Enterprise technologies and design are unlike home technologies and design. Get ahead of big-picture logistics by determining the move’s budget right out the gate, delegating responsibilities internally, and seeking out professional help where you need it. 2020 © Business Engineering, Inc. All Rights Reserved. However, even complex offices can be given access control without much difficulty. In these cases, there is human factor that accounts for security breaches and information leaks. “Technology is often seen as an accessory but it is a tool that should be planned early on in the design process.”. Rebecca Arkell | November 7, 2014. Before handing the checklist to a client, a financial professional can add helpful details to the checklist, such as recommendations for attorneys, insurance agencies, or payroll firms and contact details for city or state licensing offices. Scour the immediate area for restaurants, shops and cafés. Transfer your insurance to your new location if you have not already done so, getting insurance certificates in the process. Prioritize the health and safety of your employees — even if one location might be cheaper, consider the area as a whole before you commit to a lease. Who coordinates with building security and schedules office cleaning services? Setting Up a New Office Checklist. Some surprises and setbacks may be unavoidable, but strong planning beforehand can help you avoid major missteps.. As an managed IT service company, we have plenty of experience managing the technology needs of small businesses getting set up at new offices. We created a comprehensive Office Opening Checklist to help you select and open a new office location successfully. If your office is in a building with other businesses, be sure to coordinate your move with your building’s management. In the midst of the hectic moving process, many new managers forget that they need their new office to be a secure place. On the employee side, there are plenty of other ways to prepare. Double check that your new space is good to go utilities-wise. There are the typical spaces such as kitchens and conference rooms, but you can also install a lounge with comfortable seats and plenty of table space for a place to work away from a desk. As an managed IT service company, we have plenty of experience managing the technology needs of small businesses getting set up at new offices. Head back to school with Office templates. Do I need to set up call forwarding? Plan a comprehensive site visit, ideally with your IT provider and even a cabling company. Having moved seven times in the past five years, she draws from her own experience and industry expertise to help you avoid her biggest mistakes (like that time she thought she could get away with packing her dishes without wrapping them first). If you plan to bring investors or members of the media inside, their experience will be crucial in how they view your business, so make sure you have solid, modern interior design.

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