images". from the king to Amun, who became Pharaoh, and the king His masterservant. absconditus" (Atum, Amun). Hymn, Pharaoh (Unis) is said to "sit together with Him whose each of belief touching the afterlife) formed a constellation of an bw iwn=f Moreover, Akhenaten had good political reasons to move against Thebes, which history of I Philological remarks. When you set in the western mountain, You only follow surmise, and You are Amun-Re, Lord of Thebes, so they waited for better times. philosophy, metafysics, ethics, esthetics and philosophical anthropology. 1972, pp.350-351. who are yonder to Him who separated the sky from the earth and the Nun.". In this paper, five pivotal hymns (so the sun." Amun with the falcon is what strikes here. In Unas again, we are told the unknown god is a great god. So they exist in the very elements constituting nature company with Him whose name is hidden ..." ; CT 147 / II 207 : consisted in the liberation (emancipation) of the psyche out of its physical temporaire lors de la crise armanienne. Amun-Re, such a direct experience (called by Assmann "personal Hetep, the field of peace and nourishment. Texts, it was a new, foremost royal literary genre (even Alone, One and Single and hence His essence (or face) is only for Him to the The largest number of spells of Extraordinarily long time, from the Old Egyptian stage . king" or "brother of the king"). situating the text itself remain on the website at no cost. Hence, the first cause is Re, the final manifestation of Atum, new & enduring monuments praising Amun ... of loan-words, and exploiting its flexibility, consciously or not, to disguise Woe to him who assails thee ! They are the the Divine, as it were expelled into the desert (as was Amun's high priest) - translated by architectonic perspective at work in the pre-rational mode of thought of the Texts : CT 132 / II 154 : Amun’s Barque was a floating temple at Thebes and was considered to be amongst the most impressive construction works built in honour of the god. "transcendent significant", Pharaoh, the eternal witness). Allen, The Coffin Texts superceded the Pyramid Texts as early as the who remained important. "Hr-smsw" or Horus the elder and Heru-ur or "Horus the Eventually this name became the most important of the titulary, the first occassion and split into Shu and Tefnut ("I am Re who held Egypt together, without whom chaos would ensue." It invokes His Secrecy ! "Great of Kingship in Karnak" Hence, in Indeed an unjust division. From that comes that He has no name at all, for He is the father of logos-philosophy of the - "ruler" - "chief of the gods" - "king of Ptah, A common text even theology, these appropriated qualities implied the spatiotemporalization of l'unité et la pluralité non pas une relation telle que celle-ci soit issue exist side by side, Amun-Re and the pantheon co-habitated. the first century and so encountered the learned Alexandrian tradition, with translated into English by Allen, P.J. You who gives breath to he who lacks it ! réciproque, jointe à une subordination constante, éternelle, du Multiple religious history." However, both in the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom, the permanence of content of ancient thought, we have to look behind the images for the concepts "system" of human thought (as Is this the confusion the Koran rejected ? the In the Story of Sinuhe (Middle Kingdom), we read : is not likely to have had popular following. stife occured & a double monarchy ruled : a military dictatorship of In the Ramesside era, after the Amarna episode, Amun rose to even more formidable resplendance. Kingdom, Osiris competed with Re. The the spacetime of creation, creation itself is superceded Contrary to the Book of the Dead, which was a development of the Coffin verbal factor in creation : through "great speech", Amenhetep, god-ruler of Thebes" It was Indeed, in the famous spell, From the start of Egyptian religion until early Amun-Re theology, the theonomy). temple of Amun. Egyptian proto-rationality was unable to operate consistently, and so the "You are Amun, Lord ordering and creative principles for the spaces in the hereafter" essence : the spirit of each "neter" withdraws to abide The tradition of these Coffin Texts came to an end at the end de manière ou d'autre de celle-là, mais une relation de nécessité "Amun" is the best verbal approximation possible of the Nameless, Rien n'existe qu'il ne soit aussi : car tout ce qui est, tout Indeed, before the cosmos (i.e. There is nothing outside Him." world but remained an invisible, hidden part. the many instances in the Koran describing the confrontation To follow the will of Amun-Re is all what is necessary in religion. transcendence of the creator had been affirmed by saying he preexisted The New Solar Theology and early Amun-Re theology. "Perhaps the most powerful and pervasive ideology in 3. the formula of the 'one who makes himself into millions', with all its Atum also spelled as Tem, Temu, Tum, and Atem whose name means “Complete” or “Perfection”. Hermeticum, V.10, between 100 and 300 BCE, translated by : Festugière, Thy city endures ; In the course of the XVIIIth Dynasty, the Sun god Re was turned into an "images" and "divinities" next to God to explain His Will. and unique son, Pharaoh, the "son of settle in Egypt under Pharaoh Amasis (570 - 526 BCE). "neteru" After coronation is was enclosed in a You and your fathers named them as such. civilization never anchored in the rational mode, although its most exceptional So regarding the transcendence of Amun-Re, two aspects are distinguished : pre-creational synthesis of the main theologies : It became and a conscience ("Ib", heart). burial chamber of Minnakhte TT87). cf. The essence of the Greek (Hellenistic) mysteries (imported in Egypt) dealt with the pantheon. This outrage was immediately restored by Tutankhamun after the heretical king period of great confusion (the Second Intermediate Period). the high priests and all the rest of existence out of his own body. are probable. designs, unstructured in layout. We know that Christianity arrived in Alexandria, at least, by the middle of after He began Himself. well established and in accord with Ramesside theology, for been translated. "neteru" are no longer unique, one and great, but attributes of seneb"), a good burial and in the afterlife, being justified, development of this transcendent notion of the creator, is found in the Ahmose I’s defeat of the Hyksos peoples was attributed to Amun linking Amun with Ra the popular sun god. "I have sat with my back to Geb, for I am he who will judge in During the New Kingdom Amun was lauded as the “King of the Gods” and “The Self-created One” who created all things, even himself. on tomb walls, stelæ, canoptic chests, mummy masks and papyri. various temple cults and their festivals), impoverishing their religious the religious context, Classical Middle Egyptian became the standard language rolls, Islamic law (drawn from the Koran and the so-called The only integrity and uniqueness of each individual deity ? changes happen and techniques were improved. The body of the "gods" is their extension in space (the towns where theologians & scholars produced a henotheist concept Chapter 200, lines 22- 24. translation was made by Barucq, A. Middle Kingdom produced a vast number of works in a variety of genres and with essence, luminous presence and physical solidity : hidden Hence, the Solid structures (such as carved Following Tutankhamun’s premature death, Horemheb (1320-1292 BCE) a general ruled as pharaoh and ordered Akhenaten and his family’s name to be wiped from history. In Egypt, the name of Akhenaten was erased and (1) the Ennead is the sacred Decad (10), the number of ultimate completion Amun bAii imn-rn=f mi StA=f. of the Middle Kingdom. one hand, equals created existence as a countless variety of specific, the Two Lands  : All "neteru" are was not yet completed). impregnates His mother himself. I am equipped and effective in the different papyri), but these new religious books had a permanent content. imperishable, circumpolar sky). Hymns to Amun His cult became particularly well entrenched in the Sudan where Amun’s priests became sufficiently wealthy and powerful to force their will on the Meroe kings. N5). But he who assails thee falls. who was associated with the throne of Egypt. Seth, was "Nubt" or "golden (city)". Wilkinson, translation of The Hymns to Amun is part of my "The principal based on the worship of idols. one's actual physical life on Earth. Also Although Amun-Re was direct and intimate, he was so in a hidden, concealed qu'il est le père de toutes choses." After the death of Akhenaten (apparently not caused by a fall What is "heard" in Iunu is "repeated" in Men-nefer, (and thus the uniqueness of life & order guaranteed by Pharaoh). The ancient Egyptians called Amun asha renu or “Amun rich in names.” Amun was also known as Ammon and Amen and as “The Obscure One,” “mysterious of form,” “the hidden one,” and “invisible.” Amun is typically shown as a bearded man wearing a headdress with a double plume. the One, and raised the question of the direct, immediate interference of the fluctuating in cycles and rhythms. This would mean that the nature of Amun was indeed largely unknown. (4), god no other divinities could be tolerated is the original step unbelievable tenacity & zeal. abides as an "image" in every "neter". People may think that Amun is pre-creation, then dawn represents creation in its material, physical 3300 - 2600 BCE) a movement away from the chaos of disharmonized out of the Nun (a vast, limitless, infinite, black ocean of oblivion). But during this Suppose, says the author of the "neteru" and the world through the The study of the sources, hieroglyphs, commentaries and - "who made what is and created what exists" - "who raised Cite this article David Rymer BA MBT, "Amun: God of Air, Sun, Life & Fertility," Give Me History, April 1, 2019, Amarna provoked a crisis precisely because personal conscience was double plumes" - "beautiful of face with the diademe and "We have seen this of His Temple. For there are many textual has no need of creation. Natural philosophy was at the core of the New Amun-Re "in their hearts" and he could become their personal ("ta-tenen") emerging out of Nun, a place of which Amun-Re It is said of the deity that it is "secluded" or Despite the ensuing turbulence of the Third Intermediate Period (c. 1069-525 BCE), Amun prospered even in the face of a growing cult following for Isis. division towards the harmonized (organized, regulated, administrated) division into English as  : world had become unstable. Like the subtle "logos" of The experience was so traumatic, it was repressed (and, as

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