Items that change the input of a building; Items that provide standalone electricity. That 10% boost is enormous. This saves money and workforce, what makes it possible to upgrade more houses of the same city, while not loosing performance or output. This way they can be boosted by specialists or items and the close knit setup of my production, means carts can do the heavy lifting and not the warehouses. The palace exists of modules of 3*3 blocks, so I planned out my palace accordingly with blueprint houses, that way I do not have to throw out money for nothing. Great if you dont have Bruno Ironbright. Not game changing but so damm usefull. A small insight: My biggest Obrero city has about 4k Obreros, thats 6 bowler hats per minute, so thats 6 Framework knitters @ 400%. To keep essential chains running smoothly, while also saving money, I paused some non essential supply chains.By taking all these steps I saved up on “service costs” for ships and non-essential supply chains, removed instant buys from trade-routes and island depots, while generating income from the current population. To battle this; I sold all quest ships, ordered a few new SOTL on my harbors to sell, sold Windows and Concrete, deleted all trade-routes that were doing buys from AI and then sold the ships from those trade routes, and started upgrading all houses that I could without loosing essential supply chains. Make sure to choose a “night” setting on your daylight timer, so you can find them easier. You can also go with Mole Master and Elmer's Electric Oven for 170% productivity if you have your Obrero needs somewhat satisfied. With the industry island going up and my city growing, I ran out of gold. That means 1 in 7 cycles at 200% production, so 1 every 1m45sec at 81 tiles. Qualified to identify the most microscopic of imperfections. With Anne as a new trade-partner and with the industry island up and running, it seemed a good time to setup a chain anyhow, so I can produce Heavy Weapons myself. With the glasses upgraded on the new industry island, I could wipe and reorganize that mess of a corner too, to be filled again with some other demands later in game. To forgo all this, I moved in another two battle-cruisers immediately. There it will start loading Gold (what is not available). 10/10 - you say he doesn't solve your Coffee need but he practically does. Enjoy! So all supply chains are should be at and some routes re-arranged now security is up. How the world remembers your name is up to you. What I also discovered, that ‘non story-line’ expeditions did startup after completing the arctic one. Still collecting gas and culture drops in the Arctic. At its worse, it only removes 25% of your jewelry need. Something I needed badly, I was running out of gold and setting up the Arctic for gold is a lot of work. Minus a few buildings it ends up with 182 houses. When AI’s came over to settle the Arctic, I starting taking over their islands for fun; which learned me their island drop gas when taken over. Sounds great, right? Wouldn't mind if you did one for epics, aswell ;). Herve Savonne - Rated 4/10 - BIS item for soap factories, which you will probably have a trade union for anyways. Posted in MakingMoney Tags: #anno1800, MakingMoney. A forth city is added after the video for demonstrative purposes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The palace is a big expensive piece. To activate a Expedition into the New World, you need a save path in that direction. Rated 4/10 since he is actually pretty good, but instead of skipping chains, this one adds chains. Dont use. If you could include the image with the tooltip for the specialist, that would make this even better. Also, it is possible to move resource production from Ditchwater to other island were possible. This was not needed for a long time, since pirates and AI ships kept dropping heavy weapons. The palace is a big expensive piece. To accomplish this, I decided to acquire the island in the Southwest, between Anne and the South-West border. With a lot of decisions and mechanics that influence the result of the income per tick shown in your economy panel. A lot of military points for island defense, is moved from island that are now “safe” and onto island that are on the outer edges. The Trade Union is in reach of the palace, which gives an electricity-boost to the buildings. With a peace-deal with Anne, and two islands required towards the southwest, the Campaign can move on. Visiting the Arctic to supply this. This due to all islands, ships and port defenses in the New World require influence too! To showcase them all, I will upload several video shorts, put in separate blogs, with all kind of examples with relationships of game mechanics as part of this spiderweb. Graves had such an island. The city now has 10k investors. Combine with Optometrist Otto and the Watchmakers Loupe for 380% productivity and free glass. Afterwards, i start replacing power generators with her, usually New World production chains first. While doing so, I started investing in buildings for engineers; commuter piers, an oil harbor, depots, oil fields, lamps. One of the Passive boosts of the department of Welfare, is a 10% boost on public buildings, what seems to include the Power Plant. Bought a lot of captains for all ships patrolling the map. To put all these explanations in a single blog, would result in an unending wall of words. In the west of Ditchwater, I build up a bread corner centered around a Trade Union, which led to overproducing a lot at this moment. However, hardly noticable that you have her. After buying all shares I could take it over for the sum of 20 mil. - Captain Moby - Just sell your fish, or dump it overboard. Also the first clay is worked into stone. Now with a well established empire I found it no longer a challenge. With some piers and defensive buildings. Dont use on animal farms. Lady Jane Smythe - Rated 6/10 - BIS item for both the Furdealer and the Framework knitter. One above my industry island, and one near Kahina’s harbor. You cannot follow it in when enemy Big-Bertha’s are protecting these islands. While managing engagements, item purchases and buildup of the extra supply chains; wineries were added to provide investors, to generate some extra income. Efficiency would be 0.00705/min/tile. Now I will show you some zooms into the different sections; Schnapps, Clothing and the electrified zone. I had to buy islands that direction anyway, to safely pursue the Campaign. Prof. Ram Devi - Rated 7/10 - Provides almost half the investor tier products, but at a too slow rate to make a difference in any of them. Every ship with at least one free hold, can be put on this trade-route and will start tranfering from the New World to the Old World with as destination the island in the South West. Which eventually lead to a nice base setup on the edge of town. Yay. My industry island is supported buy a heavy leaning towards more workers to work in the steal industry. Which makes it the most important expense category to watch. Change ). Also, it opened up the possibility to buy gold from Anne. Due to the fact that your city has to keep growing, to provide the Influence for all islands. Also, if the wikia pages for items get somwhat finalized soon, would you mind if these tips of yours are put into some kind of guide or strategy page evaluating items? In the above crisis example, you can see, the economy in the Anno 1800 is very complicated spiderweb. After all the moving out, I will move on with the quest of the campaign, in the next video. You cannot finish the campaign without it. Not Legendary, but VERY usefull, and so far unmentioned, Epics: Feras Alsarami - You can pretty much use him at any production chain which uses a 50% or worse item (almost all of them) since he also lowers workforce requirements. (Still on easy, so that's at least possible.). You'll probaly loose money exporting it btw, so keep that in mind. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Overall agree with your List though, can tell you put a lot of thought behind your choices - good job :). See you around! Let me guide you slowly through the spiderweb to avert and be prepared for crisis like this in this mini-blog series. Victor Perfecto - Rated 2/10 - Replaces workforce. All in one blog; the Guide to my Tutorial BlogLast blog; Chapter 3 and 4, Posted in Expert Campaign Tags: #anno1800, campaign. Generro Garibalbi - Rated 7/10 - Cuts your Sugar requirements down by 25% (which is nice) and gives rum to boot. The oil chain was the next item on the list, with the oil chain flowing, it meant I could setup my industry area near my power plant. Which results in about 17% tax, or 722 gold per tick. Maxine Graves - Rated 0/10 - ITS A TRAP! Anno 1800 - DELUXE EDITIONEnhance your Anno 1800™ experience as you lead the Industrial Revolution with the Deluxe Edition, which includes the game, as well as an exclusive AI character, The Anarchist, coming Spring 2019. With the growth of my city continuing, more and more chains are moved of the other islands and moved to my industry island. Only 130% productivity though. Marco de la Mocha - Rated 9/10 - He halves your coffee beans need, which is totally amazing. What I like to acquire in Advance; These all seem in general insignificant items in the grand scheme of the game, but if you combine them in Trade Unions and Town Halls, they become a mayor advancement in your game. HOWEVER, using him on ONE 15 second mine (coal or iron) equals enough oil for a powerstation, almost 2 powerstations. Great for expeditions. This saves up a massive amount of space but keep in mind you'd still need to produce goulash for your World fair. While the first islands are acquired from the enemy, a lot of small management steps are taken in game. While taking over the last island in the South, I learned something new; in the video, I had to reload to correct the issue; When taking over an Island, the peace-timer is active on Trade Post on that island, and not on the island itself! As you can see, my current block supports about 1500 people for each tier (13% tax, 177 gold currently.)

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