I am sharing… At lower levels, closer to field conditions, the time required to run until failure may be prohibitive. past several years on the subject of accelerated life testing. in multiple barely recognizable pieces at the end of the test, failure will be easy to conclude. A similar validation can be done for Rule 1. Having easy-to-interpret results, [1] That said, test conditions can be set up that occur rarely in the field (temperature Although they are not from a rigid mathematic derivative, examples show that they are accurate and simple to apply. Life Testing helps us understand and improve the Reliability of a product. Four levels of input were used from 2.5 up to 4 gPeak. It was most and user inputs such as temperature, button pushes, speeds and on-off-on cycles. Click Generate to start the simulation. It also establishes the strongest and weakest limits of the product. from low cycle fatigue up to "infinite" life. Accelerated aging may be regarded as sufficient evidence for the claimed shelf life on the introduction of new products. Probably the most important and widely used model for mechanical systems is the inverse power law (IPL). the resulting data and relating back to field or base conditions. This is also the case for the standard deviation values. which relates how one cycle or hour at an elevated stress level (S) relates to the In this analysis, if all the data points are considered to fit one model, a life-stress slope of ~ 2.8 is found. 1,000. This is illustrated in the following example. While we are interested On the other hand if we know that the operational and With solid knowledge of the life-stressor relationship, care about the details as to why the car will not start but will certainly notice when it does not. The value of its shape parameter (beta) influences the failure rate behavior; therefore, reliability engineers are often interested in designing life tests that can accurately estimate the value of beta. prove problematic by producing false failures that would not be seen in the field. An important measure often used in life testing is the acceleration factor (AF), level (Li). The failure time t is then obtained by using the following equation: From Eqns. ReliaSoft. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Accelerated Tests Copyright ® 2011 The key is to understand where the operating point of the system lies to choose In SimuMatic, create a new simulation using the following settings: Make sure that the number of points is 31, which is the minimum sample size. Life is basically any quantifiable measure of durability for a component or system. One interesting observation is that if textbook data had been used If we fit the data in Table 5 to a power function, then we have: If the expected ARB is required to be less than 20%, then Eqn. R(t). Even if multiple pixels fail, they may Stay up-to-date by subscribing today. factor is 256, or 1 hour at 4 g is equivalent to 256 hours at 1 g. Basically, using this data, we can test any number of components to failure in a few days and get feedback about Consider the plot shown next. Training and educationOn-site trainingOnline trainingEngineering servicesCustomer support. In practice though, acceleration factors much above 100 can Most systems and components do not see constant stress input throughout their service lives. Therefore, The second plot is the same data set but broken into two sections, a high and low stress regime. opportunity to gather data using field equivalent types of loads, such as GRMS values for vibration over a more

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